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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Jessie Kesson, Scottish Writer

Oct. 28, 1916-Sept. 26, 1994
Born in a workhouse in Inverness, brought up in Elgin. She was illegitimate and lived with the stigmatism that went with that in that day and age. Her mother became a prostitute to support them and Jessie was removed from her care and sent to an orphanage in Skein, Aberdeenshire. She suffered a nervous breakdown in 1932 and spent a year in a mental hospital. Despite all that Jessie became a successful novelist, playwright and radio producer.

This is a writer I am looking forward to reading for the Read Scotland Challenge! I have already purchased a copy of her most famous book, a semi-autobiographical novel, The White Bird Passes. This book and Another Time Another Place were made into movies. I haven't been able to locate copies of them though.

If you'd like to read more on this writer as we head into 2014 and the start of The Read Scotland 2014 Challenge have a look HERE and HERE


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