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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A New Fun Mystery Challenge!

I can never say no to a good Mystery challenge!

Carolyn over at Riedel Fascination is hosting My Kind of Mystery Challenge beginning February 1, 2014 thru February 28, 2015. I like that it is running through February to February instead of the usual January to January! February is a very good month, my birthday falls in that month!

What are the rules?
'Mystery needs no murder!  Hidden passageways, ancient places, eerie phenomenon…  “Dan Brown” meets Nancy Atherton!  Gothic greats of the 1960s-1980s, modern releases.  I am launching a reading challenge that welcomes the lot:  tutorials, mystery author biographies, fiction…  Any form of mystery and its authors fit my all-encompassing theme.
What makes this challenge fun?
Clues! Keep an eye out for fun riddles to solve throughout the year!

Will there be prizes?
You betcha!

What are the levels to sign up for?

And since I am already signed up for Bev's Vintage Mystery challenge, and my own Read Scotland 2014 challenge (think Tartan Noir!) this should be easy peasy! So I am going for Hidden Doorways!

How about you?

Peggy Ann


  1. Glad you decided to join this one. Should be a lot of fun.

  2. Being greeted by your comment is a thrill, Peggy Ann! You know the anticipation of starting as hostess. Watching for folks to discover your groups, new to 'the blogosphere'. Thank you for spreading the word with an exciting post and Cath, seconding how much she looks forward. My whole trio will be about participatory fun.

    I hope going against the grain reduces December rushing in 2014. February is one of my brother's birthday as well. We'll roll out the red carpet for members of the trio wishing to share. :) Yours Truly, Carolyn of "My Kind Of Mystery", "Gentle Spectrums", "Ethereal".

  3. Replies
    1. Sorry...I dared to allow my sentence to go without proofing it and for some reason every time I write love it says live...what I wanted to say was I love the way you attack challenges!

    2. Oh Patty, I think I've over done it this next year! They just seem to snowball. But these one will overlap. I'll be okay, I think!


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