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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Look Back

I read 63 books this last year. Better than last year, but not as many as I had hoped for. Of those 63, 37 were new authors to me! I branched out this year and read books that I normally might not have picked. Blogging has helped me there! Thanks everyone for all the great recommendations!

I did not read as many vintage books as I usually do this year. Only 11, the oldest being 1847 Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
1899 The Awakening, Kate Chopin
1912 Rayton: A Backwoods Mystery, Theodore Goodridge Roberts
1918 My Antonia, Willa Cather
1920 The Mysterious Affair at Styles, Agatha Christie
1921 From Out the Vasty Deep, Mrs. Belloc Lowndes
1922 Ann and Her Mother, O. Douglas
1926 A Proper Place, O. Douglas
1932 Footsteps in the Dark, Georgette Heyer
1936 The A.B.C. Murders, Agatha Christie
1940 Deed Without a Name, Dorothy Bower
My favorite of those would have to be The Awakening by Kate Chopin

Of new authors to me I would have to say I like Kathleen Kent and Hannah Kent, Mary Lawson and Alice McDermott the best. I'm looking forward to more by these authors!

Favorite new, just published authors: Hannah Kent (loved her Burial Rites!), James Oswald and Morgan Callan Rogers.

New mystery writers I found this year:
L.R. Wright, Leo Bruce, Alan Bradley, Brenda Chapman, Anthony Oliver, Charles Finch, Catriona McPherson, Elizabeth Ferrars and D.E. Meredith. Looking forward to each of their series and many years of enjoying their writing!

Two most quirky fun books I read this year:
Cordelia Underwood: Or the Marvelous Beginnings of the Moosepath League by Van Reid. I've purchased several more in this series! A great fun read.
Summer Lightning by P.G. Wodehouse, I loved it!

7 ghost stories, a real departure for me. I think I liked Wendy Webb's the best. With Linda Gillard coming in behind her.

I read a couple really bad books this last year that I just couldn't finish. I won't mention any names:) but on the whole it was a great reading year and I read some terrific books.

Favorite book of all, oh, this is hard... Burial Rites by Hannah Kent, I think.

If you want to see what any of these are about check out my Books Read page for links to reviews.

Here's to a new year of reading!

May the Lord keep you in the palm of His hand, and never close his fist too tight!

Peggy Ann


  1. Happy New Year to you - I re-read Jane Eyre this year too it's my favourite book. I keep seeing bloggers reviews of O Douglas - I hadn't heard of her - I think I may have to look out for her books now.

  2. I love reading everyone's year-end round-ups. I'd like to try to read more new fiction this year. I can't seem to make it past the '50s very often.

    1. That's usually me too Kelly. I don't know what happened this year! Netgalley I suppose.

  3. I read about the number of books expected this year, 76 , though didn't write enough reviews. I found that reading on my cell phone was much nicer than I thought t would be, it's really light, so easy to hold for extended periods. I read several books with ghosts and found that I rather enjoyed the concept. Still don't get into angel books. I still really enjoy debut novels.

    1. I enjoyed these ghost stories too Heather and I don't like angel books either.

  4. That's an awesome number...and it's a relaxing number...I need to slow down!

    1. You are a speed reader! How many did you read this year Patty? I am in awe over how much you read!

  5. That is a great reading year there. I look forward to seeing what you read in 2014.

    1. Same for you Tracy. I've found some great new authors on your blog!

  6. I really liked Footsteps in the Dark when I read it several years ago. Huge fun. I think I have the Cordelia Underwood book on my Kindle. I must try it this year. You had a good reading year. Happy New Year, Peggy!

    1. Can't wait to see what you think of the Moose Path League, Cath! It was a really fun quirky book. Happy New Year to you too.


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