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Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday's Muddle

There's Been a Murder! Came across this great blog! Will be very helpful for our Scotland Challenge!

Homemade Cough Remedy! Heard it works fantastic. Will be trying it myself this winter.

Australian Project Gutenberg - Crime, Mystery, Thriller and Detection books

Some Excellent Mid-19th-Century Criminal Slang That's Ripe For Revival

Easy Caramel Pie!

5 star recipes that fail and why it might not be your fault!

Perfect Christmas gift for your book-lover!

Leave you with a chuckle...

That's some good pumpkin!

Make a good week!
Peggy Ann


  1. I discovered The Aussie Gutenberg a couple of years ago but had forgotten it. I remember thinking at the time that it was better than the main one. Certainly it seems like there might be some good vintage crime there for the challenge we're doing.

    1. Cath, I had a toolbar thing that you could take these texts online and change it to a pdf too so you could use your ereader (not a kindle) but I think I can change these using Calibre too. It also changes texts to mobi for kindle. It is a free program too.

    2. If I can find where I hid it I'll share it!

  2. I just discovered that the best use of that porcupine video is to make someone who is not looking at the monitor guess what it is.

  3. I loved Teddy Bear so much that I sent the link to my niece in Manhattan. It started my day with a laugh and I thought I'd share it with her. She showed it to her daughter, who will be one next week, and her daughter brought her a sock puppet that she apparently thought looked like Teddy Bear! I'm told they've watched the video several times. Thanks for starting my day right!

    1. Aw, so glad it made so many smile! He is adorable. My kiddoes are coming in for Thanksgiving and I'm going to play Kelly's game with them and Teddy Bear. Hide the video and see what everyone guesses it is before they see it! Glad to see you, Joan haven't seen you around lately.


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