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Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Glass Guardian by Linda Gillard

Goodreads book synopsis...

Ruth Travers has lost a lover, both parents and her job. Now she thinks she might be losing her mind.

When death strikes again, Ruth finds herself the owner of a dilapidated Victorian house on the Isle of Skye: Tigh na Linne, the summer home she shared as a child with her beloved Aunt Janet, the woman she'd regarded as a mother.

As Ruth prepares to put the old house up for sale, she discovers she's not the only occupant. Worse, she suspects she might be falling in love again.

With a man who died almost a hundred years ago...

I don't usually go for ghost stories or romance but when I read this review over at I Prefer Reading and this one at read_warbler this one sounded intriguing enough that I actually purchased the Ebook. I don't normally do that!

I really liked this book. Well written and characters you like. I found myself rooting for Ruth and 'falling' for the ghost a little myself. The setting is spectacular and there's a house that fits in as a character in the story which I love. Then there's the mystery of Aunt Janet's music being written in different hand writings, was she guilty of plagiarism? Did Tom push Ruth in the pond when they were kids and leave her to drown? What is it that Hector, the ghost is waiting for?

A minus for me with this book though, is sex with a ghost. Fairly graphic sex with a ghost. Sorry if that is a spoiler for you, but it's there. I think the story would have been just as good without that aspect. Better in my view.

Not sure I would buy another book by this author, but I might check one out of the library.

Peggy Ann


  1. Don't think this would be for me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

  2. Ick...I don't think I would like ghost sex either...this author is on Facebookma lot...I think she was really ill...

  3. Hi, I'm the author of THE GLASS GUARDIAN and I've found you via Google Alerts.

    Thanks very much for the review, Peggy Ann. I'm sorry you were disappointed with the sex scenes. (I think there are only 2 and one is very short.) TGG was a love story and since Ruth was having a relationship with a ghost who was able to manifest as a man, I tried to describe something that was recognisable as sex... but a bit different. ;-) But the sex was actually only a small part of the book. Try HOUSE OF SILENCE if you'd prefer something normal & much more subtle.

    Yes, Patty, I am on Facebook a lot! A lot of people got to know me because I spent the whole of last year being treated for breast cancer, but I was recently given the all-clear.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Linda. And the recommendation! So glad to hear you are cancer free!


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