'I am simply a 'book drunkard.' Books have the same irresistible temptation for me that liquor has for its devotee. I cannot withstand them.' L.M. Montgomery

'There are no faster or firmer friendships than those formed between people who love the same books.' Irving Stone

Friday, May 17, 2013

Road Trip!

Tomorrow we are off on another Road Trip! Headed south again to the beach. Hilton Head, South Carolina. Went there last year too. One of the Travellers favorite places. Hopefully this will be a big reading week for me. It will help immensely if I don't have wifi available :)

Audio books for the ride down (12 hrs)

A classic I've never read. Looking forward to this one!

My Antonia by Willa Cather

and the ride back

A book I've seen around the blogs and thought I might like

Check it out here

For those of you that live in the state of Pennsylvania you can get a library to the Free Library of Philadelphia and get Ebooks and Audio books from them and they have a huge selection!! Maybe each state has a large library you can do the same with?

Print books I'm taking to read...

Mad Puppetstown by M. J. Farrell (Molly Keane)
Murder within Murder by Richard and Frances Lockridge
A Brush with Death by Shiela Pim
Gallows View by Peter Robinson

Ebooks on the iPad...
The Glass Guardian by Linda Gillard  (this one is a for sure read!)
Mariana by Susanna Kearsley

hope to get at least four of these if not more read this week! Think I can do it?

Here's an update on the bedroom re-do, new curtains up and book shelves moved in! So cosy I want to be in there all the time!

I'll be thinking about you Tami while I'm walking on the beach:)

Peggy Ann


  1. The totally redone room looks lovely...refreshing and calm at the same time...have fun...read lots and enjoy the beach...I love road trips...

  2. Love what you've done to your bedroom. Looks cheery but peaceful.

  3. Peggy Ann, a 12 hour drive - that's quite a drive. I haven't tried audio books in the car - I usually just listen to music or if I'm about to go overseas I sometimes do some language courses to brush up. Hope you have a lovely time. cheers

    1. It makes for a very long day, Carole. My husband does all the driving and he is not a talker so I read and I get sick if I read a book so audio is great for me! I got My Antonia read today beginning to end!

  4. Wish I could join you on the beach. :)

    Lockridge and Kearsley area always good authors. Hope you enjoy!


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