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Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Week Away

I spent last week in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
Not particularly one of my favorite places. The hubby was golfing. Everyday, all week. There are millions of golf courses there. Okay, maybe not quite that many but close. It was still pretty cool down there. We had nice summery days the last two days. Not beaching weather that's for sure. The water temperature was 63*. Only the brave-hearted dared to go in the water!

                A jelly fish washed a shore               Not too many at the beach

The pool wasn't very busy either. The brisk breeze made it a little cool for the water.

We did go in the hot tub a couple of evenings.

Had lunch one day at a nice little hamburger joint, Joe's Hamburgers. The burgers were excellent! You tasted the meat not the bun. So many restaurants use those big fancy buns now and all you taste is bread. The walls were plastered with dollar bills that people had written their names and hometowns on. Very interesting... And Dinner at Crabby Mike's Calabash Buffet. Very expensive! I don't eat that much and don't like seafood so I just ate hushpuppies. Delicious!  Calabash: means local seafood, lightly crumbed or floured, (no heavy beer batter), and fried quickly

 Everyday at about the same time we had two little visitors that appeared at our porch and asked for a bite to eat.

Meet Frick and Frack. She was quite pushy. Flying up to look us in the face to beg! Yes, we gave them bits of bread. Shame on us :(

These hedges were everywhere. Quite stunning. Red leaves until they flowered and then the leaves turn green. Do not have a clue what they are though. There were lots of beautiful flowering trees too but I didn't get a pic of any.

We went to the Lodge Outlet. Beautiful cast iron everything! Beautiful prices too! I got a 12 inch frying pan, a handle mitt and a cleaning brush.

Loads of thrift/charity shops in this area! I only got to go to a few, but got a few nice finds. An old roaster in excellent condition, a nice shirt, a pair of shorts and a golf coffee mug for honey and an old cast iron plaque napkin holder.

All along the road in the south you find little produce stands. All of them selling sweet potatoes and pecans. We stopped on the way home and got a bag of fresh pecans. I see pie in the near future!

For miles we kept seeing signs for Sparky's gifts touting clean restrooms on every one. So we had to stop there too.  Glad we got the pecans at the roadside stand, they were very expensive at Sparky's, but they had nice restrooms!

But the best part of the trip was this...

A wonderful, big, organized, clean used bookstore! I went twice! 23 books in all! Your dying to know what gold nuggets I found aren't you?

Next post:)

Peggy Ann


  1. Hi Peggy,

    What a lovely way to spend a week, despite (or maybe in spite of) the weather and that fact that you were a golfing widow for the whole time!

    Talk about a 'busman's holiday', trust you to find such a great looking bookshop, my hubbie would have had a fit if I had turned up with nearly two dozen new books for my shelves! Can't wait to see what you nabbed, although I am sure that you have enough material for several posts to come!

    I totally agree about the standards of the burgers in some places. Here in the UK, some of our burger offerings really aren't all that good. TGI Friday's used to be very good, but now, even they have gone for the vast bun, with a tiny burger stuck in the middle so that you can't taste the meat. Sometimes the best burgers can be found on the roadside stalls, where you eat them red hot from the grill, smothered in onions and more importantly, out in the fresh air ... perhaps it is the air which makes you so much more hungry and the smells of the burger cooking, so much more tantalising!

    Spring finally seems to have shown its head and the weekend has been glorious ... let's hope that it is here to stay!


    1. Yvonne, my hubby has given up when it comes to me and books :) After a cold weekend here it is warming up again and the rhododendron are starting to bloom!

  2. I don't think I've seen photos of South Carolina before - certainly none of Myrtle Beach. In particular I love your photo of not too many people on the beach, especially the chap with a beard, all wrapped up, with his cap on and towel round his legs, next to a lady sun bathing, and the haze in the background where people are venturing into the sea.

    It looks as though you had a good time - and found an interesting bookshop.

    By the way - what are hushpuppies? In the UK they are comfortable, casual shoes and definitely not edible! :)

    1. I'm sorry I didn't get more shots of Myrtle Beach for you, Margaret! If you look Here you'll get a good feel for the state. Lovely old southern oaks dripping with spanish moss. And of course alligators! Check on my Travels with Traveller page and look at Hilton Head. You are the second person from the UK to ask about hushpuppies, I forget not everyone everywhere does and eats the same thing as us over here:) They are a seasoned fried cornbread ball. Very good! will put up a recipe soon. We have the shoes over here too though. I'm adding a link to the word hushpuppies.

  3. You're right I can't wait to hear about your book purchases, you obviously had a good time at the thrift shops too! Thanks for all the great photos, somehow it isn't how I imagined it would be, it's good to be able to get a glimpse of another way of life.

    1. We didn't really do much to take photos as it was chilly and Dave was on the golf course all the time. I should have gone to the golf courses with them and got some shots! They are beautiful! There was wisteria growing wild along the road coming down on the highway. Draped all over the trees. It was gorgeous but I couldn't get a good shot.


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