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Monday, February 4, 2013

The Real Champions

I love the Budweiser commercials. Honestly that's the highlight of the Superbowl for me. Those Clydesdale horses are just amazing and so beautiful!
Just in case you missed it here is this years commercial, Brotherhood...

I love this little short one, Stick...

And Hank...

And a banned one that I thought should have been this years commercial!

This one is a training video. Very interesting...


  1. Several years ago, I leased a horse at a stable in Plymouth, MA. The owner rescued horses. A Clydesdale she had rescued had a colt who acted like a sweet, huge dog. He hadn't yet learned to respect his own size and you had to be careful around him because he was apt to lean his adorable, babyish 1,000 lbs. affectionately against you!

    I love the Budweiser commercials, too. We visited their stables in New Hampshire. Impressive and immaculate.

  2. Yes, Clydesdales do originate from the west of Scotland. Gorgeous, I love the dalmatian too. I've never seen so many Clydesdales together before or even seen them galloping. I have seen them taking part in ploughing competitions though.

    1. Glad you finally got to watch these! They are gorgeous to watch running aren't they!


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