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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Something New on the Post!

A new page has been added! Like jigsaw puzzles? Now you can do one right here on the Post! Click this LINK and it will take you to the new page and you can start now!

My plan is to change the puzzle each month! 

This month's puzzle is a beautiful Victorian painting by Frederic George Cotman entitled 'One of the Family'


  1. What a lovely idea. Although I clicked on the link and it said my browser doesn't support it, so I'll look into that and see what's wrong.

    1. Cath and anyone else having that issue, here is a link for info on. http://www.jigsawplanet.com/?rc=faq

  2. It works for me. How clever - I'll have go later.

  3. It took me longer! Thanks - I think!


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