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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Friends in Autumn by Fred Swan

Another 1000 piece puzzle done today! We sorted pieces and did the border last night before bed and have been hard at it since we got up this morning.

This is one in a series of four. Each puzzle features the same yellow and black Labs. We did the other 3 a couple years ago. Spring and Winter boxes are included in the above pic for you to see and Summer is the first one we did and we framed it and it hangs in our living-room. Here is a pic of it.

Our dream home!

We also did Summer Gold by this same artist featuring 2 golden Retrievers. I love the colors and the stone house in this one and some day we might do it again and frame it.

Hubby said we can do them all again and frame them all and swap them out for each season. I love jigsaw puzzles but I don't want them hanging all over my walls:)

Up next, another Robert Duncan puzzle with COWS!

Peggy Ann


  1. I love those little houses on the lakes, especially the one with the canoe. The settings and the dogs complete an ideal picture. It's good those houses are little, otherwise you'd have all your friends and family trying to live there, too, and then it wouldn't be so peaceful!

  2. I agree, it looks absolutely idyllic, and of course the lake would never be too friendly and come in to visit! We need to win the lottery.


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