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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Book of Souls by James Oswald

Book description:
'For ten years, leading up to the turn of the millennium, the Christmas Killer worked his evil on the city of Edinburgh. Every year, in the run-up to the festivities, a young woman would go missing. Then, in the week between Christmas and Hogmanay, her body would be found, throat cut, stripped naked, washed clean and laid out in running water. Ten years, ten women. And the last of these was Kirsty Summers, fiancée to Detective Constable Anthony McLean.

No one is quite sure how he found Donald Anderson, least of all McLean himself. But something took him to the old man's antiquarian bookshop, and something else made the Christmas Killer let down his guard. In a cellar under the shop they found his torture chamber. Anderson went to prison and the murders - or at least those murders - finally stopped.

Twelve years on, Anderson is killed by a fellow inmate. Christmas is coming, and the body of a young woman is found, naked, washed, laid out in running water, her throat cut. She has been missing for a week.

Detective Inspector McLean had finally put his past behind him. Now it seems it wasn't ready to let him go.'

This is the second in the 'Inspector McLean Series'. Great police procedural. I enjoyed the setting, Edinburgh Scotland, and I like the characters. It was great re-visiting Inspector Anthony McLean and his group of detectives. This one the supernatural is a little more subdued than the first and leaves you with the option really to decide for yourself if in fact there was something supernatural about 'the book' or the killers were just crazy. In both books the supernatural element is secondary to the great police work so even those of us that aren't really into that type of book this series is a great read.

There is a string of arson's going on in the city at the same time as the killings and also a drug investigation going on. Lots of great threads running together.

Looking forward to the third novel coming out to see how McLean and co-worker, Emma Baird's relationship is coming along, if McLean finally gets a car, see if anymore insights into our irritating 'Dagwood's' life are revealed and what wonderful crimes the author comes up with for our team to solve!

You can check out my review of the first in this series 'Natural Causes' here
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This book is available in ebook format at the links below and will be released soon in print! The third book will be released sometime this year.

Amazon US The Book of Souls (The Inspector McLean Mysteries)
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