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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Reading Wrap-Up 2012

Another year gone and I didn't get as many books read as I had hoped for read. Only 56, that is if I wrote them all down. I'm not too diligent with that though so it could be more but I'll never know now! Next year my goal is to just keep better track of what I read. I am going to start a reading journal. I'm hoping I will be better at writing it down immediately in a book than I was at getting on the computer to add it to the blog. I am quite scatterbrained and forget easily!

A.D. Scott, 'Beneath the Abbey Wall'
James Oswald, 'Natural Causes'
Elisabeth Ogilvie,  'Jennie About to Be'
Damien Seaman,  'The Killing of Emma Gross'
O. Douglas, 'Priorsford' and 'The Day of Small Things'

Books I could have lived without...
Carolyn Wells, 'Raspberry Jam'
Wilkie Collins, 'Haunted Hotel'
Norbert Davis, 'Holocaust House'
Angela Thirkell, 'Ankle Deep'

New authors to me that I will read more of...
Lucille Kallen
James Oswald
Mildred Davis
Damien Seaman
Clarissa Draper
Janwillem van de Wetering
Elizabeth Cadell
Gwyneth and Constance Little
Sheila Pim

Challenges, lets see...

Vintage Mystery Challenge @ My Reading Block
Signed up for 3 categories for a total of 24 books and thoroughly enjoyed everyone of them! My favorites of these, I would have to say I can't pick just one. I loved the Maureen Sarsfield books, Sheila Pim's 'Creeping Venom', and Eilis Dillon's books. All new authors for me. Mildred Davis' 'They Buried a Man' was also right up there. Not only did I get to read some great books I might have missed if not for this challenge, Bev also gives everyone that completes the challenge a choice of vintage mysteries off her own shelves! I got an Elizabeth Daly book, very hard to find now a days. Thanks Bev for another great year! If you want to sign up for Bev's Vintage Mystery Challenge 2013 check it out HERE

What's In a Name 5 @ Beth Fish Reads
This was an easy fun challenge. Beth encouraged us to be creative with the titles and the topics!
A book with a...
topographical feature:  'Murder on the Rocks'
something you'd see in the sky: 'Death of a Kingfisher'
creepy crawly: 'Creeping Venom'
type of house:'The House with the Green Shutters'
something carried in your pocket/purse/backpack:  'A Day of Small Things'
something you'd find on a calendar in the title: 'The Tuesday Club Murders'
'The House with the Green Shutters' was the most challenging. It is a Scottish book from 1901 and it had a lot of heavy Scottish language. It was a bleak story, but I enjoyed the challenge of the language. If you want to see the title topics for this years challenge stop in HERE

Canadian Book Challenge 6 @ The Book Mine Set
This one runs from Canada Day 2012 to Canada Day 2013. I have to read 13 books either written by Canadian authors or set in Canada. I have 4 read so I need to get busy on this one!

I did start a Cosy Mystery challenge, but the blog shut down part way thru the year and I just deleted this challenge from my list.

Lastly I signed up to read 65 books for the year @ Out Do Yourself @ The Book Vixen. Alas I did not make it:(

This year no challenges for me. I am just going to enjoy reading what and when I want with no constraints. I will miss Bev's Vintage Mystery Challenge though.

First up to read this year - 'Book of Souls' by James Oswald. Its the second in the Inspector McLean books. He's writing book 3 now so I have to get going:)

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  1. Several authors you have read and reviewed are on my TBR lists now -- including Damien Seaman and Maureen Sarsfield. I am going to do What's in a Name 6 this year, although I have not signed up for it yet. And I am still plugging away at the Canadian Challenge too. Sounds like you had a good reading year. And Thanks for reminding me of Gwyneth and Constance Little... I really want to read one of their books also.

  2. You did well. I keep a real book journal and have done so since I had a big computer crash in 2007 and lost everything, including the list of books I'd read over the last seven years. Now I keep it all in a pretty notebook as well as on my pc. I'm doing the What's in a Name challenge this year after a year's break. Good luck with your reading this year.

  3. To me numbers are not important as long as you enjoy what you read for the most part. I liked that you hared your list with us Peggy.


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