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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Looking for a Great Mystery?

I came across this great blog awhile back, a mystery lovers delight!
Mystery Page Turners is ran by Paula Dewan, an academic Librarian at a Canadian University. She posts wonderful reviews of old and new mysteries. She has links to essays on mystery fiction by classic mystery writers like G.K. Chesterton, S.S. Van Dine and Raymond Chandler, recommendations to mystery novel sites, lists of award winning and top mystery novels/novelist and a wonderfully organized label list to help you find just the book your looking for (as in, witty dialogue, multiple plots, richly detailed, character driven etc.). And she has very interesting posts she's done herself on the mystery genre like: Mystery novels, why do we love them so much, The post war years and beyond, and Gothic influence on the mystery genre.

Paula doe not have the comments open on her blog though and you can't subscribe by email or 'follow' her. She has the link at the bottom of the blog page to subscribe to RSS feed only. I have it marked on my sidebar under favorite places to visit.

This is on her welcome post from October 2009...

Welcome Mystery Novel Enthusiasts!
Who is this blog intended for? I created it for you, the mystery novel reader, and for you, the readers’ advisor who helps library patrons find the perfect book. The problem with mystery novels is their sheer numbers and variety. Do you prefer novels with police detectives, private investigators, or amateur detectives? Do you like hard-boiled mysteries or cozy English ones? Are you looking for a comic, historical, or psychological mystery? Do you like mysteries set in rural villages, glamorous settings, or exotic locales? How, in fact, do you find a novel suited to your tastes? As an avid reader myself, I know firsthand the frustrations of finding a mystery story suited to one’s interests.

What is the purpose of this blog? To help you find that perfect mystery novel! I will discuss a variety of mystery stories – some contemporary and some classic – but all highly readable. With each discussion of a book, I will address the following questions: What is the book’s appeal? What is it about this book that distinguishes it from others and makes it popular? What does the author do best?

Sound good? Hurry over there and bookmark it now. You'll be glad you did!

I just found a new vintage author over at Mystery Page Turners, E.C. Bentley.
Check out Paula's review on the 1913 novel 'Trent's Last Case' here. Sounded good to me, so I ran over to Project Gutenberg and they have it and another one by Bentley in digital form for free. Interested too? Go here!

All I can say is, I have to live a very long time to get all these books read:)

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  1. Thanks so much for the link. Seems just like my cup of tea.

  2. I don't know how I missed this post on Sunday. I went and checked out the blog. You are right, a great resource. Thanks very much.


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