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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Vintage Mystery Challenge 2012 Wrap-up

Bev @ My Readers Block always does a really fun Vintage Mystery Challenge. This was my second year participating. There were categories to pick from this time and you had to read at least 8 in each one. We could also come up with our own category. I chose Female Authors, Male Authors and my own category  - authors born in Ireland or Scotland, as these are my favorite settings. If you love vintage mysteries then you really want to visit Bev! She is an avid collector of them!

Here's my list of books read. A few don't have reviews up yet. I may get around to them and I may not. A couple I didn't enjoy enough to want to bother, but a couple I just haven't had time. The books I enjoyed the most were the Irish/Scottish authors and the female authors. Probably Sheila Pim, Eilis Dillon, Mildred Davis and Maureen Sarsfield were my favorites.

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Stop over at the wrap up page and see all the different books read by everyone in this challenge. It is getting to be a very popular challenge. She has a new one up for next year too! Are you up for it?

Female Authors
1. Maureen Sarsfield  -  'Murder at Shots Hall'
2. Agatha Christie -  'The Tuesday Club Murders'
3. Mary Roberts Rinehart - 'The Man in Lower Ten'
4. Constance & Gwenyth Little - 'The Black House'
5. Maureen Sarsfield - 'Murder at Beechlands'
6. Mildred Davis - 'They Buried a Man'
7. Alice Tilton - 'Dead Ernest'
8. Mary Roberts Rinehart - 'Episode of the Wandering Knife'

Male Authors
1. John Dickson Carr  'Case of the Constant Suicides'
2. Herbert George Jenkins  'Malcolm Sage, Detective'
3. Edgar Wallace 'The Clue of a Twisted Candle'
4. Richard Harding Davis  'In the Fog'
5. Frank Froest  'The Grell Mystery'
6. Edmund Crispin  'The Moving Toyshop'
7. John Dickson Carr  'Three Coffins'
8. Cornell Woolrich  'The Black Curtain'

Authors born in Ireland/Scotland
1. Eilis Dillon-Galway Ireland 'Death at Crane's Court'
2. Sheila Pim-Dublin Ireland 'Creeping Venom'
3. Michael Innes  'Death at the President's Lodging'
4. Eilis Dillon - Galway Ireland  'Death in the Quadrangle'
5. Josephine Tey - Inverness Scotland  'A Shilling for Candles
6. Freeman Wills Crofts - Dublin, Ireland 'The Pit Prop Syndicate'
7. Nicholas Blake - Ballintubber Ireland  'There's Trouble Brewing'
8. Joseph Le Fanu -  Dublin Ireland  'The House by the Church Yard'


  1. Woo Hoo! Congratulations on completing three themes! Great job. Shoot me an email at phryn1969 AT gmail DOT come and I'll get you the prize list for finishing (just in time for Christmas!)

    1. Thanks for the great challenge,Bev! and the prize! Elizabeth Daly's 'Evidence of Things Seen'

  2. Wow, 24 vintage mysteries. I had a hard time completing 16. Well done. And you have pointed out some new authors to me: Maureen Sarsfield and Eilis Dillon.


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