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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cherish the Ladies a Christmas Medley


Cherish the Ladies is an American all-female Irish-American super group. The band began as a concert series in New York in January 1985, the brainchild of Mick Moloney who wanted to showcase the brightest female musicians in America in what had been a male-dominated scene. The group took their name from a traditional Irish jig called "Cherish the Ladies", and the series opened to sold out concerts. Their leader Joanie Madden plays flute and tin whistle. The other members of the group play a wide variety of instruments. Their albums contain both tunes (instrumental tracks) and songs (tracks with vocals).

Although the group was originally formed from Irish-American female musicians, the current lineup along with Madden consists of founding member Mary Coogan from New York on guitar; All-Ireland Champion Mirella Murray from Connemara, County Galway, on accordion; fiddler Gráinne Murphy from Boston; Glaswegian Kathleen Boyle on piano and Deirdre Connolly on vocals.

My Daughter-in-law and I had the privilege of seeing these ladies in concert. They put on a great show!

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