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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National Parks

We just took a trip out west. We stayed in Driggs Idaho, just over the Wyoming border. Beautiful area, lots of cattle, wheat fields and potato fields. We went to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons National Parks from there. Thought I would share a few pics and videos with you.

Of course there's Old Faithful
erupts every 90 mins. give or take 10 mins. Thus the name Old Faithful. called the most predictable geographical feature on earth. Other geysers in the park erupt but never on a regular basis. And none that erupt as high up as this one.

Check out their live webcam of the geysers here!

this is not old faithful just a small geyser
Old Faithful spews out 3,700-84,00 gallons of water anywhere from 106-185 ft. high. Eruption last anywhere from 1.5 to 5 minutes

Lots of geyser fields in the southern part of the park. Very dry and barren looking. Lots of hissing and sulfur smells.

Beautiful very deep pools of very hot water! Some of them are actually boiling. Of course as an avid mystery reader I thought what a great place to murder someone! Just push them in and their cooked in a matter of minutes!

Amazingly, wildflowers grow in this environment! All colors and types were all around.

Lots of wildlife around. Of course bison are plentiful here. We saw 2 large herds in the 2 days we were there. This one had some babies among them. The best place to catch sight of these magnificent creatures is south of the Canyon area
 This big guy was all alone walking down the sidewalk right where you turn into the parking lot for the upper falls in the Grand Canyon of the Park.

Just for reference this is bison scat :) Their quite large piles. I walked out in the field with a large group of people to take pictures and you had to watch where you walked. And then the ranger came and shooed us all back to our cars.

This is the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. The white at the bottom of the pic is mist off the waterfalls.
There is a walk down to the bottom of the falls area (well they don't really let you get close to the falls). It is very steep and strenuous with 320 some steel mesh steps down. I did not do it but my honey did! He said I would have never made it!

This is from Artist Point. This is the view of the falls so often painted.

Me and Dave!

More wildflowers!

This is the start of those steps down! Long way down.

This is the view from down there. Close as you can get. In the early days a guy named Tom would take people down to the very bottom. They held onto a rope he had running down the canyon wall and climbed down a small path. Then he gave them a picnic lunch when they came up. Of course they paid him for this!

Lucky enough to see some male elk up close and personal too! There were 3 of them right here!

How majestic! Think of carrying that heavy rack around all the time!

And here is his sweetie!

Mammoth Springs is a very strange looking place in the park! This is in the northern loop.

Looks like an alien planet doesn't it?

 First view of the Tetons. Very hazy. All the way thru Wyoming and here it was hazy from all the wildfires, mostly the Colorado ones.

We took this tram at Teton Village to the top of the ski runs. In the summer hikers hike the ski runs down. Very strenuous!

At the top! I noticed a big difference in my being able to get enough air here! Very windy. A small outpost was up here with gifts, coffee and waffles!


Hang gliders were taking off from here! Crazy!

View from the top. This is alpine climate here. Snow was still on the peaks in August. Jackson, Wyoming is down in the valley. Teton Village is not part of the National Park. It is a ski resort. Lots of exclusive shops and lodging.

More wildflowers!

This is the National Park now. Very hazy though so we didn't get really good pics at all.

This is on Jenny Lake. People were swimming here but it is cold. The water is really clear and blue.

Hidden Falls. This was a 5 mile round trip hike. Dave did it of course! Took 3 hours. It was in the upper 90's and we didn't have water or anything so I opted to stay back at the lake and the visitor center area. I had my trusty book and a gift shop to browse in! It was fun watching the people come and go. He said it was a brutal hike! Steep and rocky.
A large muskrat he came across on the hike.

Here is the glacier.

And here is the best part of the whole trip...Mr. Moose grazing the bottom of the pond. We were so close to him and he didn't mind us at all. Ranger said he frequents this pond daily and is use to the audience.

We had to traverse thru Teton Pass to get back and forth from our condo and it is quite a steep mountain road. 10% grade, lots of curves and winding, top altitude is 8,431 ft. Lots of pull outs to view and rest your brakes! On the morning we took this trip we came upon a semi-truck cab hanging by it's back wheels over the guard rail just dangling there! His trailer was smashed to smithereens and his load (talcum powder) was all over the side of the mountain. Two huge tow trucks were there trying to figure out the best approach to get him unhung. The accident had actually happened the evening before and the driver was unhurt! The road is prone to avalanches in the winter and is frequently closed in the winter.

This is a gorgeous house we found on a walk right behind our condo. Isn't it just so cute. I thought we had taken a wrong turn and ended up in Switzerland! Actually this house is in Wyoming, Alta to be exact and the road in front of it is Idaho!

I loved this saying hanging above the door...
'Wherever you wander  wherever you roam  be happy and healthy and glad to come home'

This is just the countryside where we stayed. We were on the backside of the Teton Mountains.

coming soon...
The Corn Palace
Crazy Horse Memorial

Thanks for tagging along!


  1. Great photos, Peggy. They brought back a lot of memories. My husband and I used to go to a ranch in Moose, WY, near Jackson Hole, every summer for our birthdays. We rode hours and hours every day and went to almost all of the places you mentioned. The wildlife is incredible.

    I hope you and anyone reading your post will visit the American Wild Horse Preservation's web site to find out what you can do to stop the government's eradication of federally protected wild horses. Those horses belong to you and me and need our help.

    Looking forward to the rest of your trip!

    1. Thanks, Joan. Here is the website link if anyone is interested. www.wildhorsepreservation.org

  2. Thanks for posting the link, Peggy. I should have thought of that!

  3. What a fabulous trip you had, I have so much to say. The colour of that hot water spring is beautiful, as is the moose, Swiss style house, mountains, waterfall, and Peggy and Dave! I bet you would have managed to get down all those steps and back. How I wish I could snap my fingers or twitch my nose and be there. The geysers are quite scarily noisy.


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