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Sunday, July 22, 2012

On the Rocks?

My daughter-in-law bought me these really cool chillers at a gift shop in the Outer Banks! She said she was going in to buy a pair of earrings... She had them wrapped with a bow and she and the kids gave them to me later in the day. What a nice surprise! It's a silly thing, something I would never buy myself. But it's cool, isn't it!

They are solid Granite. You chill them in the freezer and use them like ice in your whiskey. Each one is a different color so it helps keep track of whose glass is whose!

'Ice is often added to a drink to rapidly drop its temperature, but in the case of fine spirits, too much cold closes down the flavors. Ice cubes can also change the taste and odor of a drink as they melt and dilute the spirit.
On The Rocks chills whiskies and other fine liquors to their ideal drinking temperature (about 59°F,) without adding unwanted taste or diluting the drink. The solid granite stays cold, ensuring a smooth and leisurely drinking experience.

For these reasons, whiskey connoisseurs prefer On The Rocks instead of ice. Whisky specialist, Marc Reynier, from the Bruichladdich distillery in Scotland points out; “We go to lengths to provide hand-selected, natural whiskey, unadulterated by additives, sweeteners or colorings only for the drinker to go and add chlorine and fluoride,” chemicals commonly found in frozen tap water.'

Want a set for yourself? They make a great unusual gift for a friend too. Go here and order one.

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  1. Those are fun!!! I have never seen them before, but I am now intrigued...

  2. I agree they look fun, but do they stay in the bottom of the glass when you drink?

    1. Tried them put last night and they do stay in the bottom of the glass!

  3. They're new to me too but I can see the logic of using them.

  4. Great gift! They are cool, it doesn't water down the drinks. And the drink will definitely be on the rocks :)


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