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Friday, July 13, 2012

Lonesome is an Understatement!

Last day of 3 weeks with the Grandkids being here at our house (we still have a week with them at the North Carolina shore though) and I am already feeling the lonesome that will come when we drop them off at home! No little bodies jumping in my bed in the mornings to wake me up and cuddle a little, no more bedtime stories to read (hmm, maybe hubby will let me read one to him?), no little girl to help me cook and do dishes, no little man to give a bath too at night. I won't know how to act having my iPad all to myself again! But there's always next year!

A Castle!

Baking Ginger Snaps

iPad, favorite past-time, patiently waiting for his turn
Grandpa time

Standing on Grandpa's hip!

Camping weekend at Lake Erie...
Lake Erie

Finally made it out in the deep!
Good Night!

S'mores time! A raccoon got into our cooler in the night. Got the eggs and the bag of cherries. Grandpa was funny out there in his underwear smacking flip flops at it:)
Seaweed Ball! Not to mention the seaweed that got stuck in her hair!

Do I have to get out?
Waldameer Family Park in Erie Pennsylvania, does this look like a haunted house to you?
A day at Waldameer was great fun, but we didn't take pics. Kids showed us up as Grandpa and I are big chickens and don't ride much. We rode the paratrooper, swings, scrambler, ferris wheel and log flume with them. Isa took Ian in this wacky shack. We thought it was a fun house, but it turned out to be a haunted house and it terrified Ian. He came out with his hands over his eyes and when he saw me he started crying. All evening he talked about the monsters and the screaming. Shh, don't tell their mom and dad, they might not let them come next year:) Lots of kiddie rides too. Isa was bummed out because we wouldn't go on the Roller Coaster with her so she didn't get to ride it. Next year we will take Uncle Lee just for that!

Library turned kids bedroom! Ian watching TV while Isa plays with her friend...

Best summer friends! Isa and Hannah (Isa got her bangs cut!)

Playing war with great Grandpa Brintzenhofe
Playing with neighbor's grandkids and uncle Lee

More adventures this next week. Swimming in the ocean and climbing to the top of lighthouses and playing on a huge sand dune. Until next time!


  1. It looks like you've been having a great time, you're all going to miss each other. I'm not keen on fun fair rides either. Is that Grandpa with a beard and then without a beard?

    1. He has a beard in all of them it just doesn't show up well in a couple, the lighting I guess, it is a close beard and it is grey:)

  2. I love your new header photo. It's very relaxing. I liked your last one, too, but it made me sad.

  3. My heart would be aching too. Will it really be a year before you see them? I don't think I could bear it.

    1. No Nan, I will see them often in the next year just another year until they come and stay with us for extended time. They live about 4 hrs. Away and I try to see them about every three months.


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