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Monday, July 30, 2012

Killer Reels by Rob Kitchin

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This week is letter K...

Rob Kitchin is a director of a social sciences research institute at the University of Ireland, Maynooth and the author of two police procedural novels, The Rule Book and The White Gallows.

Just published, Killer Reels, is a series of interlinked short stories and only available in Kindle format.

Book description:
'Jimmy Kiley is a keen amateur movie maker. He’s also the ruthless criminal boss of the north side of the city. When enforcing his own brand of law, he sees no reason why he shouldn’t mix business with pleasure. His kick is to provide a private viewing of his last venture to the star of the next. And his reluctant stars are only ever one hit wonders.

Killer Reels documents Kiley's movie making through a collection of interlinked short stories.'

Interesting storyline. A very quick read with an interesting ending. I would like to read one of Rob's full length novels now. Check out Rob's blog @ The View From the Blue House. In addition to book reviews, he writes short stories and drabbles on his website. (A drabble is a story of exactly 100 words) Stop over and check it out. I'm sure you'll find something interesting!

Peggy Ann


  1. I loved The Rule Book. I plan to read all his books. Thanks for your post on Kitchin!

    Here is my CFA: K post

  2. Oh, Peggy, I absolutely loved Kitchin's Killer Reels. I am so glad you highlighted that collection of stories. Jimmy Kiley is so deliciously creepy and eerie isn't he? And I really like the way all the stories link to one another. I agree too that The Rule Book and The White Gallows are very well-written. Yup; you've highlighted an author whose work I really like. Oh, and plus, he does terrific 100-word Drabbles and some fantastic flash fiction featuring the great Harry and Pete.

    1. He was certainly creepy! I follow Rob on Twitter also. He keeps me updated on Irish politics and economy!

  3. Peggy, glad I could help you out with the Ks. Nice to hear that Killer Reels provided some entertainment, even if Kiley proved to be a creepy character. If you try out one of the novels, I hope it lives up to expectation. And sorry I can't bring you good news about Ireland; we're in a right mess! Best, Rob.

  4. Peggy, that sounds really good. It is so hard to pull off the right creepy vibe where the reader is interested and not turned off. Sorta like the character Dexter. I'll have to check Kitchin out.

  5. Interlinking, what an interesting concept. :P

  6. Interesting overview on Rob Kitchin and his fiction. I read and enjoy his blog but haven't tried his books. I will look for them, although right now I am still limited to paper. I could put one of them on my list to try when I get a Kindle.


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