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'There are no faster or firmer friendships than those formed between people who love the same books.' Irving Stone

Friday, July 27, 2012

A Day at the Beach and More.

New haircut for the beach. Who has time to mess with 'doing' hair?

Just arrived, what, internet not working? I found a spot working here! 
 We did figure it out and didn't have to stand in the middle of the room!

View from our balcony. Gorgeous sunrises!

The kids did some crabbing with a line and raw chicken. They enjoyed this more than anything!
First two they caught. They did cook a few but not enough meat to bother.
Very strong waves! Dave and nephew

Sand Castle building

What's a day at the beach without burying someone? These are my nephews w/Isa

Hands-on kids museum in Manteo. All about the early settlers.
Bathing Beauties!
Going aboard the Elizabeth II replica.
The ship that brought the first settlement over in 1587. It was thundering and dark off to our right and Ian was terrified. It did storm, with lightning and wind and they closed the park and we didn't get to see anything. We just got on the boat and he told us to get off.

Of course we had to eat at Awful Arthur's Oyster Bar since we are Arthurs! Very good food! No we did not eat oysters! This is a tee shirt Dave got there. 
I got a lovely $75 pair of leather gloves on clearance at Wilson's Leather Outlet for $17! I'm ready for the cold if it ever comes again!. And four books from the thrift store.... 'The Album' by Mary Roberts Rinehart, 'The Killing Doll' by Ruth Rendell, 'Fisherman's Bend' by Linda Greenlaw, 'The Man with a Load of Mischief' by Martha Grimes and I also found a nice illustrated hardback copy of 'Anne of Green Gables' for Isa.

Coming soon... 
Wright Brothers Museum
Fort Raleigh
Jockey's Ridge State Park


  1. It looks like you had a great time, lovely sand and views, how hot was it? Gorgeous gloves, what a bargain! Good book haul too.
    You're so slim despite the cooking and cranachan, do you walk a lot or do other exercises?

    1. The average temp while we were there was 96-97 degrees! Very hot. Always a sea breeze though. No, Katrina, since I stopped working I am very sedentary. I weigh more now than I ever did. I've always been very thin, high metabolism I guess. But old age is bringing a little bit of a middle to me:) I need to start moving!

  2. Looks like everyone is having a marvelous time - love all the sand and water! I've enjoyed a couple of Ruth Rendell's books. Hope you like The Killing Doll.

  3. I'm so jealous! I've never even seen an ocean (lifetime in KS, NE and CO) and it is definitely #1 on my bucket list! A long vacation at the beach with kids/grandkids is my idea of paradise! Hope you had a blast!

  4. Forgot to mention - love the hair. I keep mine in a similar short style. So many things to do that are more fun that fixing hair!

    1. Thanks Tami, we will be coming home from our next trip to Driggs Idaho thru Nebraska. Looks like you are too far off the beaten path to stop to say hi so I'll just honk as we go past Lincoln!


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