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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Did he just say 'I'm stuck!

Grandchildren are a blessing.

And a hoot!

My grandkids are here for a month with us. We have been looking forward to this for months!  This is the first year Best Boy got to come with his sister.

Second morning here we wake up to a little voice calling 'Maimo!' Couldn't figure out why he wasn't just coming and getting in our bed to wake us up. I called back 'Come on' and got back...'I can't, I'm stuck'. I looked at grandpa and said 'Did he say he was stuck?' response: yes. So I got up and went into their bedroom and there he was stuck to his pillow! Silly Putty. Yep, he had gotten up in the night and got his silly putty. 
I could barely cut him loose for laughing!

Lesson number 1: Hide all silly putty when you put the kids to bed.

Poor Best Boy, he really loved that silly putty, but I'm not buying him more!
Looks like it's going to be an interesting summer!


  1. He looks so proud of himself Peggy, it is going to be a very long month. Great fun though!

  2. Hi Peggy,

    You will really know that you have your hands full, now that you have two house guests.

    You will both be deserving of and ready for, a lovely long rest, when your month is over.

    Enjoy having them and make the most of them whilst they are still young.


  3. Too funny! I'm sure you're going to have a fabulous summer!

  4. I know I'm a little late reading this post and you're probably too exhausted to read by now. A MONTH?? I need a week at a spa and months of therapy after mine stay for a week. You are truly the best grandparents! Love the silly putty story. :)

    1. I was a little leery, Tami, this is the first time having both of them. But it has been a joy! I have to credit my son and daughter-in-law with raising two very well behaved and loving children. We are enjoying every minute!


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