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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Weekend Cooking: Yummy Places to Visit!

Ocheese, FL
Pie Town, NM
Honey Hole, PA
Ding Dong, TX
Rabbit Hash, KY
Vinegar Bend, AL
Hot Coffee, MS
Pea Patch Island, DE
Dinner Station, NV
Lickskillet, KY
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Chocolate Bayou, TX
Weiner, AR
Aroma, IN
Pumpkintown, TX
Pigs Ear, PA                                       
Sourdough, AL
Breakfast Hill, NH
Chugwater, WY
Gnaw Bone, IN
Cucumber, West Virginia
Tea and Igloo, SD
Orange, Virginia
Plum, Pennsylvania
Raisin, Texas
Chili, Wisconsin
Pancake, Pennsylvania
Cheddar, South Carolina
Chicken, Alaska
Rice, Texas
White Salmon, Washington
Cookietown, OK
Cocoa Beach, FL    (I grew up here!)
Barwise, TX
Cheesequake, NJ
Potato Creek, SD
Noodle, OR
Cream, WI
Hog Island, RI
Ducktrap, ME
Three Forks, WA
Sugartit, KY
Hog'Em, ID
Coconut Creek, FL
Cabbage Corner, DE
Pepperbox, DE
Honeypot Glen, CT
Goobertown, AR
Buttermilk, KS
Chicken, AK
Root Hog, ID
Two Eggs, FL
Sandwich, MA
Biscuit, NE
Fish Market, NH
Bread Loaf, VT
Suckabone, NY
Whiskey Flat, CA
Dumplin, TN
Sugartit, KY
And where I want to live because I love PIE!
Pie, Virginia

I'm sure there are lots more fun names of towns, but we'll save some for another day!


  1. Hee hee. Peggy, you might want to go back and relink in Weekend Cooking because your link didn't quite work right and I had to hunt around to find the post. Have a nice week

  2. Lickskillet...but be sure it is cool.
    The only one I have been to is Cheesequake..but we always called it cheesecake, which still fits!

  3. I'm glad you re-entered your humorous post on Weekend Cooking. This would make a great road trip show. It would be wonderful to live someplace called Pie!

    1. There's a town in Scotland named Scone. I could live there too! Yummy.

  4. I am from Texas, but luckily not from Ding Dong. Funny post!

    1. You should see some of the towns names in Pennsylvania where I live Lisa! Crazy but not named after food. Like Intercourse and Climax, yep, I'm not making it up! I'd rather live in Ding Dong!

  5. What a hoot, I can hardly believe that these are for real! Cocoa Beach sounds a wonderful place to grow up - I hope it was.

    1. It was nice, Katrina. I actually lived in Cocoa (just plain cocoa) there is a town named that too just about 15-18miles inland from Cocoa Beach. Everyone always says Oh Cocoa Beach when I say Cocoa though. We went to Cocoa Beach to swim all the time though. It' pretty much all private beach now and hard to find a place to swim.

  6. Haha! Fun post!

    I think that I would love to live in Cheesequake!

  7. Love this! Too funny. Pie Town might be fun!

  8. Great tasting places. I enjoyed your list. Thanks.


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