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'There are no faster or firmer friendships than those formed between people who love the same books.' Irving Stone

Monday, April 2, 2012

I'm on a Binge!

A book binge that is! I can't seem to stop. I will never get all these books read!!!  But their free :=)

I have a Kobo Touch Ereader that I have had for sometime now. I really like it and use it for free - out of print or hard to find books. It has opened a whole new world of authors to me! I have over 100 ebooks now - all free! Its a nice size, fits in my purse.  Great for anytime you find yourself sitting and waiting. I've been known to find a great tree in the Smoky Mountains to lean against and read while The Traveller went on hiking when I got tired.  Really, I have a picture to prove it! Click here

Last week I got an iPad. iBooks is amazing! Bigger pages, they turn like real paper it's so cool. Yes its bigger to carry around but its really nice for just sitting on my porch and reading those books I can't find in print. Plus I can play Words With Friends with Tami over at Just One More Thing...  And there is a Kindle app so I can get the free Kindle books too. I'll still use the Kobo for carrying in my purse.

                                 See all those beautiful wooden shelves I have to fill up:=)

I think I had a big influence on convincing Katrina over at Pining for the West to break down and get a Kindle! She is going on a trip this week and gets to break it in! We are having a ball finding more places to get more free books! I love Project Gutenberg and so far that is where I get all my books, but this last week I found 2 more great sites! If you have an ereader you have to check these out.

Click on Image!

I found  Elizabeth von Arnim, E.M. Delafield, Frances Hodgson Burnett,  Georgette Heyer, Willa Cather and lots more here. Great vintage women's fiction here.  I can't wait to get to Elizabeth von Arnim!   

Click Image

And I got lots of good vintage mysteries here. Gaston Leroux, Maurice LeBlanc, Alice B. Emerson, Sax Rohmer, R. Austin Freeman And Norbet Davis. I'm looking forward to the Norbet Davis books, he offers a detective with a great dane that is his sidekick! He only wrote 5 books before he committed suicide. I really like the layout of this site. Its really user friendly.

EBook Newser has a free ebook of the day each day.This site is nice as it offers free newer books not the vintage ones like the two sites above.

Romance lovers here is a spot for you! Squidoo (contemporary, historical, suspense, regency, western, fantasy and more.)

And for kids Bethlehem Books offers Living History -historical and biographical fiction. They offer one free ebook a month. Their site is nicely designed with books seperated into Time and Place by era, age interest, series and sets and special interests.

And of course Project Gutenberg! They also have a facebook page you can like if you are on facebook. It keeps you updated everytime they add a new book to the Project.
Hope you find something you like!

Hathi Trust Digital Library


  1. The nice thing is you can delete them if you don't like them and they haven't cost you a dime:) have fun

    1. Yes, Diane, that is one of the great pros of the ereader, space. My 'real' books are taking over the spare bedroom!

  2. There is SO much out there! How does it work? I went to the site, but didn't see exactly how to do it. When I 'buy' them, do they show up on my computer and then I add them to my Nook the way I do the downloadable books from the library?

    I think I first 'met' you under that tree reading O. Douglas. :<)

    1. Instructions sent via email. And I'm so glad you happened by that tree 'cause I have so enjoyed your company since:=)

  3. Thanks for the links. I wasn't aware of most of them.

  4. Ah! Aren't free ebooks just grand? Ebook Newser & Girl Ebooks are both new websites for me. I'll enjoy checking these out! I see you have the Bethlehem Books link here too---I just downloaded my free copy for April today!

    Have yourself a wonderful Easter!
    ~ Tarissa
    { In the Bookcase }

  5. Peggy, I'm just trying to catch up with my blog reading after getting back. I just wanted to say that I've enjoyed reading The Circular Staircase on my Kindle and I've got quite fond of it already. I didn't realise that Kindles did all sorts of things! I love the free book sites. Thanks for giving me all the info.

    1. Technology, ain't it grand:) I'm adding another link to the post that I just discovered. Check it out!

  6. I understand your e-reader obsession. I got my Nook a couple months ago and I'm addicted. I'm loving our games of Words with Friends, and also enjoying the older mysteries you keep discovering and telling me about. I have gotten about a dozen books from Gutenberg, but didn't know some of the other sites. Like you, I'll never get all these books read, cause I just can't resist downloading more - but it sure is fun!

  7. Well I broke down and ordered an e-reader from FabGifts about three weeks ago. It was an offer on Groupon. So far it hasn't arrived and I can't get a reply from the company! Despairing! When/If I do get it I'll be checking out these websies! Thanks Peggy!


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