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Friday, March 9, 2012

'Death of a Kingfisher' by M.C. Beaton

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I have read every one of the Hamish MacBeth books, loved everyone and counted the days until the next one came out, but this one was a disappointment!

It just wasn't the Hamish we've come to know and love. Dick Fraser, the new constable they gave Hamish to help him was a decent addition. The mystery was too jerky and disjointed. In all there were 6 murders (and that's not counting the Kingfisher and his family!) It really was all over the place and hard to keep track. The two children, 16 and 12, were quite unbelievable (can't give you more details about them without spoiling it for you) and the end left you very deflated.There just wasn't enough interaction with all of the old friends we look forward to seeing when we venture back to Lochdubh.

Maybe there have been too many in the series and Ms. Beaton is running out of ideas or losing interest in our lovable Hamish. Maybe she should marry him off to Elspeth and end the series on an up note!


  1. It is a shame when a series you have loved starts to lose its oomph. You wish that the author would quit while he/she is ahead. I like the Agatha Raisin series, though i haven't read the last few.

  2. I had no idea she was still writing Hamish MacBeth books, it sounds like it's time to give them up. BTW the dog on your header looks exactly like the one I had as a child. Candy had a great sense of humour and actually laughed!


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