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Monday, March 26, 2012

Bald Eagles are Hatching Now!

Thought this might be interesting for you! I have watched these Bald Eagles in Decorah Iowa for 2 years now. We had 3 eggs laid in Feb. and the first one is beginning to hatch today! First little peck thru at 2pm est today! They grow so fast, by July they will be flying out of the nest. The camera is live 24 hrs. a day on the nest. You can see a parent bring in food, a fish, a rabbit, clean and add to the nest. Watch the eaglets go from bald to fuzz to pin feathers to full feathers and it is especially fun when they start hopping around on the edge of the nest and trying out their wings!

Click on the video to watch live from here or click on the post title to go to the home page and watch there. There is lots of info below the video at the home page about the rapture project and these eagles. Here is a great link to a short video that shows the differences in the mom and dad so you know who is on the nest.


Live broadcasting by Ustream

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