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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saturdays are for Sharing!

Good Morning! Happy Weekend everyone. Cold and frosty here in Pennsylvania! I have a couple different things to share today...

I am so excited! I ordered a book last night, an early Christmas gift from my honey. A first edition, O. Douglas! 'The House That is Our Own' written in 1940. I have been looking for this book for a while and it is a very hard one to come across. I can't find a picture of the cover to show you. This book is coming from the U.K. of course. Hardback, good condition with a little wear to the edges and light spotting on the boards but a first edition!

Have you ever heard of Click & Clack the Magliozzi brothers from Car Talk? They have a radio show on Public Radio and a long running newspaper article, similar to Dear Abby, but they answer questions about automobile issues. I always enjoy listening to them when traveling in the car. They are very knowledgeable about mechanical issues and very, very funny! I thought that this might be important info to pass along from one of their articles in the paper. Has your accelerator ever gotten stuck? This happened to me once and I sure didn't know what to do and I only got home safe by the grace of God! So store this info away in the corner of your brain in case you ever need it!

A woman wrote in saying that while cruising down the road at 70mph with the cruise control on her husband (who was driving) passed out. She said she reached over turned off the ignition and steered to the left shoulder then the median and into a large sign that caused her car to finally stop. She asked if there was anything else she should have done.Their answer was whether you are having a medical emergency like this or your accelerator sticks they would not recommend turning off your engine, (which is what I would think to do also) because you lose power brakes and power steering, making it harder to control the car. You should shift the transmission into neutral allowing the car to eventually roll to a stop and you can still steer to safety. If you are in a situation where you need to slow or stop quickly slam the transmission into the lowest gear slowing the car quicker than coasting in neutral. Of course they then ended with telling her to take the keys away from her hubby until he can reliably remain conscious as driving while unconscious is not something they would recommend!
If your interested in checking them out click on the link above or the logo.

Last Monday we took a day trip to Attica N.Y. to look at a van my honey wanted to buy. About a 4 hr. drive. Attica is a very nice old town. We took a side trip up to Niagara Falls while that close. We went in the spring for a couple of days. You can never get tired of looking at those amazing falls though. So we had lunch in Niagara Falls, Ontario and walked around in the freezing cold and got very wet but it was a really nice day. It wasn't crowded! Lots of parking, wow has parking gone up though! Use to be $8 now it is $15! We did buy the van and I had to follow my honey home in our car. Night time, raining and 4 hours! Did not enjoy that! The van is a first step in getting ready for retirement and camping though so it was worth it!

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