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Thursday, December 8, 2011

'Bryant & May Off the Rails' Review

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Another fantastic Christopher Fowler Book! In this one we get to 'ride' through the history, myths and legends of the London Underground. Full of twists and turns, not to mention the dark, damp tunnels that go no where under London and throw in our wonderfully quirky group of detectives from the PCU and your in for a wild ride!

One again the Peculiar Crimes Unit is being threatened with being disbanded, shut-down- you guys are through, but what else is new there? They have been moved to another building, an old warehouse that use to be occupied by a satanic group. While moving in a murderer, Mr. Fox, manages to escape a locked room and kill one of their own men. Now they have been given 1 week to find Mr. Fox or be shut down.

Mr. Fox is somewhat of an enigma. He leaves no traces of himself or clues. He is a master of disguise so no one really knows what he looks like and since they can't seem to find out anything about him they can't get a profile on what makes him kill. They do know he is particularly fond of the Underground.

Of course Arthur Bryant has books full of interesting facts and history on the Underground so while he drags out his old books and moseys around the underground seemingly getting no where, the rest of the crew are trying desperately to find some kind of clue to go on. Bryant's partner John Mays is getting a little upset with him thinking he is wasting good time with all his history nonsense, but by now we know his book nonsense is what usually breaks the case for them. Bryant seems to me to be the British version of our Columbo!

In their search for Mr. Fox they discover a new mystery as bizarre as anything they've faced yet.  A sticker on the back of a young woman who fell down (or was she pushed?) the escalator in the Underground  leads them to a local pub and to a group of college students that live together. They seem to be hiding something and more and more clues are leading to them. 3 deaths and one near death - are they linked to Mr. Fox? Are they linked to each other at all? What have the college students got to do with them? Will they find what makes Mr. Fox kill? Can the info Bryant finds in his old history books and from the Underground workers he questions help them? Will he and May find anything when they find a guide and descend down into the world of the dark and scary London Underground to search the miles of closed and dead-end tunnels running under London?

I really enjoyed this story! I would give it a 5 out of 5 stars. Your never disappointed with a Christopher Fowler yarn!

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  1. How great that you've found an author whose books never disappoint :)


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