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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Counting Blessings

Thankful for My Joys!

'He who is grateful for little is given much laughter… and it’s counting the ways He (God) loves, this is what multiplies joy.

And the life that counts blessings discovers its yielding more than it seems.'

                                                                                        Ann Voskamp 

I am grateful for of course my wonderful family, the roof over my head, my husbands job, all the normal things we are thankful for but also...

that I am able to love freely, some are afraid to
that I am able to see the good in people, some are only able to see the surface
that for some reason hurting people seem able to bare their pain to me and I can help them carry it

These are gifts from a loving God and sometimes I try to run from them because they are not always easy, but today I want to thank God for these amazing gifts he has trusted me with. I hope he finds pleasure in my life.   

And of course I am very thankful for the Gutenberg Press! Can't imagine life without the printed word!

My gift to all my beautiful blogger friends - sharing a link to a wonderful writing on Thanksgiving. May you be blessed by it this Thanksgiving!

How about you? What are you grateful for today? Beyond the customary things we always give thanks for.

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