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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mailbox Monday

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Finally I received 'Murder at Shots Hall' by Maureen Sarsfield. It was lost in the mail. I had to reorder it from someone else but it now sits on my bookshelf!

I worked at our local library's bi-annual book sale last weekend and I made a haul! 51 books not counting the ones I picked up for the grans and for two older gentlemen that I keep supplied with reads. We tried something new this time and charged $5 a bag. I bought 3 bags. Wow, you an get a lot of paperbacks in a plastic grocery bag! I will only list some of what I got this time and will list more later. Don't want to overwhelm you!

By Cornell Woolrich:
The Black Path of Fear         
The Bride Wore Black
The Black Curtain
The Black Angel
Black Alibi
Rendezvous in Black

Lucille Kallen:
Introducing CB Greenfield
CB Greenfield: The Piano Bird
CB Greenfield: The Tanglewood Murder
CB Greenfield: No Lady in the House

Harry Kemelman:
Saturday the Rabbi Went Hungry
Sunday the Rabbi Stayed Home
Friday the Rabbi Slept Late
Wednesday the Rabbi Got Wet

Martha Grimes
The Old Wine Shades

'Outrageous Fortune' a 1933 novel by Patricia Wentworth
'The Far Side of the Hill'  by Nancy Livingston
'The Stranger' by Albert Camus
'The Murder Room' by PD James
'The Hard Boiled Detective' by Herbert Ruhm
'Mourn Not Your Dead' by  Deborah Crombie

And a 1936 hardback edition of 'Gone With the wind'. No it's not a first edition but the book was printed about 4 or 5 times alone in 1936. the binding is duct taped but the pages are in excellent condition and I am so thrilled to have it. I have never read it and want to before I die! Its fun to think about how many other people have held this book and relished the story inside in all those years. I love old books!

Next week I'll share the rest of the list! 
Oh, be sure and leave a comment and a link to your finds!


  1. I love Gone With the Wind- one of my all time favorites!

  2. Wow, what a haul. I love library book sales. Our library has one in the spring and the fall. The last day, books are $3.00 a bag and yes, you CAN get a lot of books in a plastic grocery bag! Enjoy your new reads.

  3. I love library sales. They have contributed to my overflowing book shelves. Enjoy Gone With the Wind. I've read it a couple times already.

  4. Oh boy, I LOVE the Kemelman series. After listening to all the books on unabridged audio years ago, I recently bought used copies at ebay. I hope to begin reading them all again next year. One of my favorites.

  5. Wow! a lot of good reading ahead.


  6. I love library sales! It's been many years since I read Gone With the Wind. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

  7. You found some great books at the library sale. Enjoy!

  8. Wow, you really made out! You will love Gone With the Wind!

  9. I love Gone With the Wind ... I wish Margaret Mitchell wrote a sequel to it because she left us hanging. I know other authors have written "sequels" to it, but they don't do them justice. If I remember correctly today is Margaret Mitchell's birthday.

  10. Hi Peggy,

    I'm coming to live with you!!!

    We never get sales like that here in the UK. For $5 equivalent you would be lucky to get half a dozen books and I am certain that I could get many more than that into a plastic carrier bag!!

    Your choices are largely irrelevent when you have so many, but there are quite a few good ones there that I would certainly be interested in.

    I have never read 'Gone With The Wind', or for that matter, watched the film.

    I volunter in a hospice charity shop and I love it when we get old books handed in, especially when they have dedications or messages written inside them. It is good to try and imagine what the person looks like, how old they are and whether they would have enjoyed the book or not. If only the book could talk.....

  11. Gone with the Wind is a favorite of mine. I've read it a few times (no to mention multiple screenings of the iconic film). I know you'll love it too!

  12. What a great collection of books!

    Gone With the Wind was the first real "chunky" book I read as a teen, and I still love it to this day.

    We have all the Rabbi mystery books -- such fun!

    Enjoy all your books :)


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