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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturdays are for Sharing!

My Mom, Mildred Tiller Brintzenhofe

I spent the day with my momma today. She is 84. She seems so little and frail anymore. She had bi-femoral bypass surgery at 80. That was a pretty major surgery! And then last November she had multiple blood-clots in her lungs. Took the stuffing right out of her! August she had a minor stroke and we were very lucky she didn't have any real lasting damage. Her speech is a little slurred. I have noticed a definite decline in her mental capacity since all of this. She gets confused easily and forgets things. And she is so tired all the time and so very weak. But she loves to play 500 rummy!

We've certainly had our differences and rough spots over the years. Haven't we all? But she is an amazing lady. She has had a very difficult life most of those 84 yrs. She has RH- blood and had a very difficult birth (3 months early) with my brother, Donald and then a miscarriage and near death the following year. No more babies for her and she wanted a BIG family. My dad was a drinker and Donald had many, many issues, he is totally blind for one, and was always completely dependent on her, up until 10 years ago. (He is very happily living in a personal care home here in town and a very socially active fellow - that boy loves to dance:)

Mom worked in a mental hospital before I was born and I love to hear her stories from there! She couldn't work after my brother was born and was a stay at home mom for years. Then she worked 2 jobs at times after my dad left and us kids never did without. Our house was the hangout for all my friends. They called her mom. They called her with boyfriend problems etc. She was great. After I left home she ended up working as a nurses aide in a nursing home for years. She loved all those old people and they knew it!

Today watching her I just thought I may not have her for much longer. She seems to be fading away before my eyes. I just wanted to pay her a tribute and tell you all what a great Mom she is.

She taught me how to trust, how to love, to love books (she read to us all the time), to always pay my debts, that people are important, to sew, to cook, to work hard, to be honest....you get the idea!

Make sure you tell your folks you love 'em and give them a big hug today!

There is a great book if you need help figuring out how to give your folks a tribute. 'The Tribute' by Dennis Rainey.

I read it several years ago and never did write the tribute. So here it is Mom!

Here's one of mom's recipes (she got it from her mom) We had it a lot growing up.
She was from Tennessee roots and we ate lots of 'hillbilly' food.

          Grandma Tiller

2 cup self rising Corn Meal
2 tbls. Flour
1 tbls. Sugar
2 cup buttermilk

Mix together - not to thick not to thin
Fry cakes in oil in skillet  (quite a bit of oil)

I love these with butter and honey!


  1. Peggy...thank you for commenting on my blog...that was so very sweet of you...I loved the tribute you wrote about your mom...my mom died a few years ago and my dad of a broken heart two months later...it is so hard to see them age and get fragile...my parents were always so strong...take care and just enjoy every day with her...

  2. Hi Peggy,

    What a touching and very moving post, but so great that you chose to write that tribute to your Mum, whilst you still have her with you, words are useless after someone is gone.

    Hubbie and I still all have all four of our parents alive, although they are all now in their mid 80s, so we are pretty much having the same thoughts as yourself, although our losses may all come much at the same time, which is going to be very difficult to handle.

    We try to see them as often as possible, although we live quite some distance from both sets of family, so it isn't always as often as we would like.

    A very brave post.



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