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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturdays are for Sharing!

This week I acquired two new decorations for the house and I am so tickled with both of them! 

My sweet 86 year old neighbor sits and quilts all winter just to keep busy. She doesn't make full size quilts, just throws. She has a chest full of them. She called me over and told me to pick one out and she sewed a little tag on one corner that said to Peggy from Mary Jane with love. I have it on the back of my couch and I will always treasure it. She is such a good neighbor and I love to sit on the porch with her and talk. She is a fiesty ol' girl. And when she was young she was a torch singer with a band! Who would have guessed?

Mom and I passed a corner junk store that is never opened the other day and low and behold it was opened so we turned around and went in for a peek. It was the woman's, brother's store and he must have died and they are going to try to empty it out. I found a picture in there that is so not what I usually would be drawn to, but for some reason I really wanted that picture. Something in it just grabbed me. Not sure if it is the colors or the dog with his head laying on the man's leg. We got in the car to leave and I decided I had to have it and ran back in and ask if she would take $20 and she said yes! Said it had been in her aunts attic for years. It was so filthy! The colors really popped when I got all the grime off of it. The frame is beautiful and I hung it in my bedroom! What do you think of it?

And here's the spider I found swaying in it's web between my lilies this week! Never saw one like this and it is pretty big!  The rain and wind has washed him away though


Shhh! Don't tell my husband, but I ordered 5 books on Amazon yesterday:)  He says I need them like a hole in the head! I'll tell you about them when they come. Have a great weekend! I'm off to Harbor Springs MI. for the week.


  1. I love quilts! I have a quilt made from all my baby receiving blankets.

  2. I worked with a woman years ago who quilted constantly, and I was so thrilled when she brought one in for me. Like your neighbor, she did "throws" as well, and I still have mine at the foot of my bed.

  3. Hi Peggy,

    I wish that I could quilt, but that, together with lace making, is just something I have never been able to get the hang of.

    I do like to knit and crochet, although these days it is seldom full sized garments for myself, but baby knits for the premature bablies at the hospital, or blankets which are sold in the charity shop where I volunteer.

    The picture is great, although not something I would hang in my own home. I do love to tour the galleries looking at some of this old art, the quality of some of the work is amazing and I often wonder what kind of art we are going to be remembered for in the 21st century?

    The spider is amazing, although he looks very poisonous? We came across some amazing spiders when we down in Florida a couple of years ago and were enthralled, until we were told by a local that they were extremely dangerous and to steer well clear of them. Luckily, our home grown English spiders are not nearly so deadly, although not so pretty either...

    Like you, I need more books like a hole in the head, but I just can't resist and my mother-in-law is busily downloading dozens to our shared kindle, which makes matters even worse. I can never hope to read them all in several lifetimes, but I love to look at them and touch them!!

    Hope that you had a good trip and thank you so much for adding me to your blog roll.



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