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Friday, September 9, 2011

Olga, A Daughter's Tale

'A kind, naive and gentle girl, Olga came to London from Jamaica in 1939 to live with her malevolent, alcoholic aunt and intending to stay only six months. But world events, personal tragedy and malicious intent all combined to prevent her from returning to her family in Kingston.
Based on a true story and written using diary entries and letters 'Olga-A Daughter's Tale' is about cruelty, revenge and jealousy inflicted on an innocent young woman and about her moral courage, dignity, resilience and in particular love.'
from the author's description

I loved this book! I started it late in the afternoon and couldn't put it down until I finished and was left wanting more!

This is a story of how one persons selfish cruelty changed the course of a beautiful young woman's life forever

I enjoyed the history of Jamaica, which I knew nothing about. The sketches of the plants and birds of the region, the descriptions of the plantations and towns made you feel like you where there.

The courage of Olga's mother, Becky, to buck societies 'rules' and go with her heart even though it cost her dearly was an inspiration.Then there's Olga...gentle, loving, trusting Olga. One brief instant in time and her life was forever changed. My heart hurt for her and the unjustified shame she carried all those years. But, she never let it change who she was, never became bitter or hateful. Her sweetness and faith in God was amazing considering. I liked Olga, I found myself rooting for her and railing against the evil selfishness that came against her.

I liked the diary form of the book but would have liked to have had dates with each entry to help me keep the timeline better in my head as I read. And I am dying to know the 'rest' of Olga's story now...What happened after she left the Langfords? Did life get easier for her? Did she ever have someone to love her and share her life with? Did she get to see her remaining family in Jamaica after they found her? There is still so much to tell.

Olga is one of those characters that will be in my thoughts for quite a while. Well done Marie! You told your mom's story well! I give this book 5 stars. Read it!!

 This review was at the request of the author and is my own opinion of the book after reading. I was not compensated in any way for this review.

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