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Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Victoria Vanishes by Christopher Fowler

Leave it to me to start a series with #6! Each book can stand on its own though and I thoroughly enjoyed this romp through some of London's most famous pubs on the way to solving a very odd string of murders. The Peculiar Crimes Unit is full of 'peculiar' detectives and...

"Murder doesn’t get more peculiar than this. A lonely hearts killer is targeting middle-aged women at some of England’s most well-known pubs. What’s even more peculiar, Arthur Bryant happened to see the latest victim only moments before her death—at a pub torn down eighty years ago! It’s only the beginning of a case littered with clues that defy everything the veteran detectives know about the profiles of serial killers and the methodology of crime.
What do the Knights Templars, the secret history of English pubs, and the discovery of an astounding religious relic have to do with this recent crime spree? More important, do the Peculiar Crimes Unit’s two living legends have enough life left in them to stop a murderous conspiracy…and a deadly cupid targeting one of their own?"  from the description on Goodreads

I loved everyone of these quirky detectives - Bryant - getting old and forgetful, hopes he can remember the info he digs up until he can tell someone else in the dept.  Mays - He just found out he has a tumor on the wall of his heart and needs surgery, his life is Bryant and the Crimes Unit and if its closing down then he doesn't really need to live. Janice Longbright - Just one of the guys in heels, her youth passed her by while she was busy catching criminals. She smokes like a chimney and still looks at the internet dating sites thinking someone out there has to enjoy catching crooks as much as her. Colin, whose dad was a crimes unit detective before him has inherited the same disorder his dad had, DSA, Diminished Spatial Awareness, so he falls off curbs, runs into light poles, misjudges doors. Makes everyone nervous when he's on a rooftop! Meers, the tough girl from the estates trying to make a difference. And last but not least Dan Banbury, the nerdy computer whiz. These guys and gals bumble through and somehow manage to solve the crimes no one else can.

Not only do we get a great mystery, great characters solving it, but we also get a history lesson on pubs in England's history

I give this one 5 of 5 stars. It had it all. I can't wait to read all of the books in the series!


  1. I love this series, Peggy. Just adore it. Read every book so far and waiting for the next.

    So glad you enjoyed reading this one.

    I would love to see these books turned into films. Wouldn't you?


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