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Monday, August 8, 2011

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

A weekly meme hosted by Sheila of Book Journey. Let's share what we read last week and whats on the nightstand for next week!  This is a great way to meet other bloggers and to discover new titles that just might be your favorite book of all time! Be sure to check out Sheila's post today to see her selections and the list of links to all the other participating bloggers.
I did not get much read this week, only one book finished and another one started.

'Poison In the Pen' by Patricia Wentworth.   
When a mysterious suicide follows an outbreak of poison pen letters in the quiet village of Tilling Green, Miss Silver is asked by Scotland yard to investigate. Miss Silver is their 'secret weapon'! She pulls out her knitting and people just seem to relax and tell her everything! Three people fall victim to this demented killer before Miss Silver is able to put together the clues and bring another killer to justice. This was a very enjoyable read with well thought out characters and plot. Very satisfying read.

I am reading 'Miss Pym In Dispose' by Josephine Tey this week. 
This is my first book by Miss Tey and I was hooked on her right from the get go! She has a wonderful way of writing, the way she describes every thing is very appealing. Here is a sample, the first paragraph in the book...
'A bell clanged. Brazen, insistent, maddening.
Through the quiet corridors came the din of it, making hideous the peace of the morning. From each of the yawning windows of the little quadrangle the noise poured out on to the still, sunlit garden where the grass was grey yet with dew.
Little Miss Pym stirred, opened one doubtful grey eye, and reached blindly for her watch. There was no watch. She opened the other eye. There seemed to be no bedside table either. No, of course not; now she remembered. There was no bedside table; as she had found last night. Her watch had had of necessity to be put under her pillow. She fumbled for it. Good heavens, what a row that bell was making! Obscene. There seemed to be no watch under the pillow. But it must be there! She lifted the pillow bodily, revealing only one small sheer-linen handkerchief in a saucy pattern of blue and white. She dropped the pillow and peered down between the bed and the wall. Yes, there was something that looked like a watch. By lying flat on her front and inserting an arm she could just reach it. Carefully she brought it up, lightly caught between the tips of first and second fingers. If she dropped it now she would have to get out of bed and crawl under for it. She turned on her back with a sigh of relief, holding the watch triumphantly above her.          
Half-past five, said the watch.
Half-past five!'

I was hooked, already I like Miss Pym. I highly recommend Josephine Tey!

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