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Monday, March 14, 2016

Winegarden by Anthony Ferner

This was a sweet little novella about a Jewish professor of philosophy. We are given a glimpse into Jacob Winegarden's life through various stages of his life although not in any chronological order.

Jacob questions everything and has a hard time making up his mind about pretty much everything because of that. He doesn't believe in God, but doesn't not believe in him either. I found it a little sad that he never seems to be sure of anything. For me it was interesting peeking into a Jewish life as I've not had the opportunity to know any Jewish people!

I was offered a copy of this book for review and was going to pass on it until I read Ali's review over at Heavenali. I don't think I cared for it as much as she did. Ali did a lovely review and you should really stop by and read it!

Peggy Ann

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  1. Well, many Jewish people live with ambivalence because of the history of discrimination and displacement, but usually there's humor and philosophy involved.
    If you want to read a good, interesting, sad and witty book about 82-year-old Sheldon Horowitz, who moves to Norway and helps a child escape gangsters, read Derek B. Miller's Norwegian by Night.
    I liked it and so did many other readers.
    It's quirky but emotionally complex, yet one is rooting for Sheldon.
    I grew up with Jewish immigrant relatives on my mother's side and I would not have
    traded them for anyone; the politics, philosophy and humor flew around.
    And my grandmother was not ambivalent; she was tough and had opinions. An immigrant
    and shirtwaist maker, she worked for the Triangle Shirtwaist factory, but was
    out sick on the day of that horrendous fire in 1911. But she handled the
    immigrant workers' grievances as she was not intimidated by anyone!
    She was not religious but she believed in unions and human beings working
    together for the common good.


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