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'There are no faster or firmer friendships than those formed between people who love the same books.' Irving Stone

Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday's Muddle

Good morning Monday!

This is what's for dinner today! With these on the side made with zucchini from my son and daughter-in-law's garden.

15 Words That Don’t Mean What We Think They Mean. We’ve been saying it in the wrong context forever and now it’s time to stop.

Rare Tunes. Came across this when looking for a song mentioned in Treasures on Earth.  From there found this site about Scottish rare tunes. Internet Archive is pretty neat. It has all kinds of different things 'archived' from around the net.

You are more beautiful than you think! This is a must watch, ladies!

On that same note this one is just plain fun!

If you like silliness and random facts this is a fun channel. Good clean fun full of interesting stuff!

A book set in Maine I am looking forward to reading this summer! Free on Girliebooks.com

Have you ever heard of DorothyL? It's a discussion and idea list for mystery lovers. I subscribe to it and get it in my email. Lots of interesting things. Need to know how many 'sleuths' wear glasses? Probably can find out here if not you can ask and create the list for others. Sisters in Crime has a Discussion List too. And this is a brand new list that has just started up. Jim's list is specific about Books in Bookstores.

Update on the house explosion: The couple were killed from blunt force trauma and the source of the explosion was most likely a stove they had or were installing in the basement.

Fat flush water!

As the last few episodes of Hercule Poirot make their way to the airwaves in the US here is a nice interview with David Suchet.

Make a good week!
Peggy Ann

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  1. I was on the DL list for years, early on in my computer life. I have two little notebooks filled with mystery ideas. I keep thinking I should join again.


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