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Monday, November 4, 2013

Vintage Mystery Bingo 2014

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I'm signing up @My Reader's Block, for Bev's annual Vintage Mystery Challenge. This year she is doing a Bingo theme challenge with a Silver and a Golden score card. Silver is mysteries written between 1960-1989 and Golden is pre-1960. Each score card is broken down into 36 categories. It takes 6 categories to make a bingo and you are allowed one free space* if you can't fill one category to make a bingo.  I am going for one bingo in both Golden and Silver, for a total of 12 books.

Sample of a score card. Both Silver and Golden have the same categories, but of course have different publishing date restrictions.

Click the Challenge logo above for full instructions and to sign up!

Did I mention there are prizes involved?

Books I'm planning to read:

Behold Here's Poison by Georgette Heyer  1936
Hide My Eyes by Margery Allingham  1958
Evidence of Things Seen by Elizabeth Daly  1943
The Crimson Patch by Phoebe Atwood Taylor  1936
Death in Five Boxes by Carter Dickson  1938
Susan Hopley or The Adventures of a Maid Servant by Catherine Crowe  1842

Sleep While I Sing by L.R. Wright  1986
Malice Domestic by Mollie Hardwick  1986
The Case of the One Penny Orange by E.V. Cunningham  1977
Three Days for Emeralds by Mignon Eberhart  1988
Murder on Clam Pond by Douglas Kiker  1986
Don't Point That Thing at Me by Kyril Bonfiglioli  1972

*One Free Space per card—you may use your Free Space to cover any spot on the board. The Free Space book must fulfill one of the categories from the card, but it may fulfill ANY space you like—even a category you have already fulfilled. For example…if you are having trouble finding a book to meet the “mode of transportation” category, but you really need that space to complete a BINGO then you may read a book that meets any other category on the board and use your Free Space to claim the “mode of transportation” space.


  1. Live the bugs...lol...love the bingo mystery idea...

    1. Somebody's fingers must have been sideways on the keyboard:)

  2. Welcome to the 2014 Vintage Challenge! It will be fun hearing you all yelling "Bingo!" throughout the year. :-)

  3. Can't wait to hear about what you read as I'm hoping for a few recommendations. :-)

    1. Same to you Cath! I'm glad to get these books up front and get at reading them. They seem to get pushed back so this challenge is just what I needed. I'm really looking forward to the 1842 one Susan Hopley!

  4. I will be joining and I will be doing both Gold and Silver too. But have no idea which titles yet. There are so many possibilities. I would be wishing it was 2014 if I did not have so much to do in the next two months... related to reading and other areas of life.

    I will probably be reading The Case of the One Penny Orange also.

    1. Tracy I picked books on my shelf so I wouldn't have to get more and it ended up I'm doing the same bingo line on both cards. Darn, would have been nice to include a couple other categories but couldn't seem to make a whole bingo with other lines.

  5. Me! Me! I want in! Thanks for sharing this - it sounds like a blast so I'm off to sign up immediately and start planning.

  6. Same to be a pretty interesting bingo game... Though you gotta read a lot of books :D
    Just kidding, as if that's a bad thing ;)

    1. Could be a lot of books if you cover the bingo card! I only signed up for two bongos though so that's only 12 books!


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