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Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday's Muddle

It's Monday! Time for another Muddle! I am getting old and my brain is muddled. I forgot that I had started a post, and never got back to it, during the week and set it to post automatically. So here is the FULL Monday's Muddle! Two for One this week!

40 Popcorn recipes! You'll need these for our next link!

PublicDomainFlicks.com where you can legally download full-length feature films that are in the public domain for free.

Top 100 lost words. These are fun!

The violin that played as the Titanic sank expected to fetch $640,000 at auction
BUT they were wrong! It fetched $1.6 million dollars! Watch a short video of the moment it was sold HERE

Coconut oil seems to be the health rage right now. So what is it and how do we use it?

Do you love chocolate? What's your favorite? Belgium, French, Swiss, German? You can buy it from all over the world HERE for fairly cheap.

If your a golfer you might want to golf here...

Machrihanish Dunes Golf Links ewes' a more natural approach to grounds maintenance! Black Hebridean Sheep! Check out the video and a cute article about it HERE

'The Mysterious Stranger', the final book written by Mark Twain was quite a departure from his fun Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer type writing. It's a social commentary on moral sense and the human race. Very dark indeed. You can get a free ebook copy or PDF you can read online if you don't have an ereader HERE and watch a claymation video version HERE

Make a great week!

Peggy Ann


  1. Thanks for the link to "lost words". Snollygoster actually showed up last week on my word-of-the-day email... made me smile :)

    1. and our government is so full of snollygosters right nowit isn't even funny!

  2. I'm definitely going to remember - ultracrepidarian! Thanks.

  3. The Mysterious Stranger looks interesting. I shall look into that tomorrow.

    Love the crazy words!!

    1. I got such a kick out of the words, Cath! Now if I can remember any of them and use them.

  4. From one old lady to another - I like your Monday Muddles very much. Even if I sometimes forget it's Monday which is most of the time. So here I am on Tuesday. :)

    I think using sheep to keep golf fairways maintenance is a splendid idea. But what about the little black pellets that sheep naturally drop as they go along. :)

    So sad to read about that Titanic violin found strapped to the musician's body as it floated in the water. Not surprised to read about the amount of money involved. Our things live on beyond our temporary ownership.

    1. Yes, we can't take anything with us, Yvette. And yet we put so much importance in them. Had not thought of the sheep poo! although in the article they said they 'managed' the sheep onto the greens for the video but they usually always stay in the taller grass around the greens. Thanks, Yvetter, glad you enjoy the Muddles!

  5. You've really appealed to me, food-wise. I love popcorn, chocolate, and coconut oil. Maybe even all together!


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