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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mail Call

New books arrived in the mail this last week!

North Sea Requiem:
When a small-town Scottish woman discovers a severed leg in the boot of one of the local hockey players’ uniforms, it’s a big scoop for the Highland Gazette. But reporter Joanne Ross wants a front-page story of her own, and she hopes to find it in Mae Bell, an American jazz singer whose husband disappeared in an aircraft accident five years ago and who is searching the Highlands for her husband’s colleagues.
Things take a very sinister turn when Nurse Urquhart, who dis-covered the limb, suffers a hideous and brutal attack. Even stranger, she was the recipient of letters warning her to keep her nose out of someone’s business — letters that Mae Bell and the staff of the Highland Gazette also received. What could it all mean?
Unfolding against a gorgeously rendered late 1950s Scottish countryside, North Sea Requiem captures the mores and issues of another era, especially in Joanne Ross — a woman wrestling with divorce, career, and a boss who wants to be more than just her superior. The result is a poignant, often haunting mix of violence, loss, and redemption in a narrative full of unnerving plot twists and unforgettable characters.

Reading this one now! My Favorite series! Got this one from Powell's Books with credits won from Daily Dose Reviews! Another Freebie!

Ghastly Business:
 1929. A girl is strangled in a London alley, the mangled corpse of a peeping Tom is found in a railway tunnel and the juicy details of the latest trunk murder are updated hourly in fresh editions of the evening papers. Into this insalubrious world steps Dora Strang, a doctor's daughter with an unmaidenly passion for anatomy. Denied her own medical career, she moves into lodgings with a hilarious, insecticidal landlady and begins life as filing clerk to the country's pre-eminent pathologist, Alfred Kemble. Dora is thrilled by the grisly post-mortems and the headline-grabbing court cases and more fascinated still by the pathologist himself: an enigmatic war hero with bottle-green eyes and an air of sardonic glamour - the embodiment of all her girlish fantasies. But Dora's job holds more than a few surprises, not least of which is finding herself frequently under the watchful gaze - and occasionally wandering hands - of the distinguished Dr Kemble. As things take a distinctly ghastly turn, both in one of the department's major cases and in Dora's own life, the newspaper reporters sharpen their pencils in morbid anticipation ...But can the impressionable Miss Strang emerge unscathed? "Ghastly Business" conjures the world of interwar London with gleeful vigour: a time when a woman's body was only mentioned if someone had dismembered it; when the scars of the Great War were still fresh and when a pretty young bluestocking needed to tread very carefully in order to avoid becoming yet another of its casualties.

Got this one from Amazon with my points, didn't cost a dime!

The Sound of Insects:
Trapping the unwary, preying on the weak -- life in the insect world, and biology teacher Stacy Hubert knows it well, But she never knew how much it could resemble her own. Suddenly, a suicide and a murder trigger an explosion of emotions in the quiet suburb of Highlands. And almost overnight, the residents of the town become self-protective and ruthless. With a mounting sense of horror and danger, Stacy faces an ominous fact: she and her family have become the the objects of pointed fingers, whispered accusations, and finally ... deadly threats.

Got this Mildred Davis from PaperBackSwap!

I love the Mailman! 


  1. All of these seem so good to me. Now I had to add to my already too long list:)

  2. Ghastly Business sounds nice and gruesome.

  3. Ladies, I just discovered Awesome Books online and I am in trouble now!

  4. Thank you for visiting me on my blog - it means I have now found you. I just love books in the mail - what better thing to come home to that that.

  5. They all look good. You won't be stuck for a good book to read on long winter nights.

  6. Looks like a great mail week at your house!


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