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Friday, August 2, 2013

To Celebrate Herman Melville's Birthday!

Aug. 1, 1819 - Sept. 28, 1891
I know I'm a day late and a dollar short but here you go...

Free ebooks at Galleycat!

Take a Herman Melville Quiz! Did he become an American sex symbol?

Herman Melville Quotes

A short biography

A long biography

Melville's Obituary notices

Melville's Arrowhead Museum

The Life and Works of Herman Melville is a publication dedicated to disseminating information about Herman Melville on the Internet and the World Wide Web.

Peggy Ann


  1. I'm afraid I wouldn't do well on the quiz. :) But thanks for the ebook info.

  2. I wouldn't do well either but I did love his book, Redburn. Have not read Moby Dick though.

  3. Gals, I haven't read any Melville and I got a 50% on the quiz! you'd be surprised what you know just from general info!

  4. That's one quiz that scares me to death... just like Moby Dick!


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