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Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday's Muddle

Have dogs in the house? Ice Machine on your fridge might not be a good idea!

An interesting review!

make a Terracotta Pot Table for your deck or porch

Fun foreign words we could use in English!

19th Century American Women: finding a wife in 1830's rural America

Do you have red/ginger hair? You might want to go to Scotland for August 10th then! 

All that fresh produce from our gardens and farmers markets. Ever thought about stocking up and storing it under the bed?

Pan Seared Honey Glazed Salmon with Browned Butter Lime Sauce
I've made this twice now and it is sublime! Very easy and the lime butter would be good on absolutely anything from chicken to steak to baked potatoes!

Thought for the week... 

Make a great week!
Peggy Ann


  1. I hope our dog Zelda never figures out the ice maker, LOL!

    Just pinned the salmon recipe, too. It looks delicious.


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