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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Gone to the Lake!

Leaving on a jet plane, no not really, we are driving!

Going to...

to do a little of this...

Might drink a little of this...

See a few of these...

Go across this...

to go here...

and here...

See you when I get back!

all pics from Pinterest!


  1. Terrific post! It made me want to go along - except I'd have to close my eyes going over that long bridge! Have a wonderful time!

    1. That bridge is amazing! Wish you could come along Joan!

  2. Beer's a good start, but I want to know what you eat!

  3. I'm not keen on the look of that bridge either. Have a great time!

    1. The first time I went over that bridge I was terrified! They close it if the wind is over a certain MPH as it moves with the wind and the winds thru the straits between the lakes get ferocious and semi trucks have been blown over on their sides on that bridge! Having read about this at the visitors center I was terrified but we did it and its great. It's a gorgeous piece of engineering!

  4. Love those old postcards! I have a basket of some my mother had from years ago. I'm sure you are having a wonderful time!


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