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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Camp Fire Girls and Radio Boys

There was a nice series of adventure books for girls way back.

The Camp Fire Girls Series

Check out a complete list of the books and who authored them HERE
HERE is a list of books with some short synopsis' 
And HERE is a link to get free Camp Fire Girl ebooks to read for yourself!

I was a Camp Fire Girl when I was little!

 Mind you, just long enough to get the uniform!
HERE is a nice site about vintage kid's organizations

For the boys there was a series called Radio Boys

Read all about this series HERE
and get yourself a few to read HERE

Peggy Ann


  1. Love these old books! Maybe it's just that I want to recapture my wonderful childhood, but I love reading these books. I try to read at least one Nancy Drew from my collection every year, the old ones, not the re-writes, which, I think, have lost their charm.

    I haven't read any of the Camp Fire Girls books, although I know of them. I think I have at least one of the Radio Boys books, still packed away from our last move. I bought my husband a lot of the Hardy Boys books, but I read them, too!

    Hope you're having a fun, relaxed, and old-fashioned vacation!

    1. We are having a real nice time, Joan. We've been 'mining' for Petoskey stones and finding some nice ones!

  2. Great post...why weren't you a Brownie?

  3. I would probably prefer the Radio Boys. I always liked the Hardy Boys better than Nancy Drew!


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