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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Rambles at a Used Bookstore

Phoebe Atwood Taylor ...
 Proof of the Pudding    hardback
 Deathblow Hill       hardback
Dorothy Bowers... (Rue Morgue Press)
 Deed Without a Name 1940
 Fear and Miss Betony 1941
 The Bells of Old Bailey 1947
Mary Roberts Rinehart...
 The Mary Roberts Rinehart Crime Book     hardback
 The Red Lamp    1st edition 1925 hardback
 Haunted Lady  
 The Wall
 Alibi for Isabel
Michael Innes...
 Lord Mullion's Secret
 Death on a Quiet Day
 The Mysterious Commission
Patricia Wentworth...
 The Ivory Dagger
Edmund Crispin...
 Buried for Pleasure
Agatha Christie writing as Mary Westmacott...
 Absent in the Spring
Eric Ambler...
 A Coffin for Dimitrios

On my recent trip to my son's in Maryland I got to visit the old bookstore in Waynesboro PA. just a couple miles from his house. I try to go each time I go to Paul's. A very small, old man owns it and I was sad to see it is now up for sale. Full of old books stacked everywhere! I fear it will not sell and there will go another gem, out of business because of the internet. I got 5 books there. On my way home I checked out a store Paul told me about in Chambersburg, PA. I went a different route just so I could check it out. He said there were 2 right in the same block in the town square, but wasn't sure if they were both still open. One was, but it is closing soon. He is selling out all his stock at 60% off and going to internet sales only. No one comes in the store anymore he said. I got the rest at his store and could have gotten more but had to have some restraint!

I was especially tickled with the Rue Morgue Press books! I haven't read one of their reissues yet that I didn't enjoy. And of course the 1st edition Mary Roberts Rinehart!

To Old Books!
Peggy Ann


  1. So sad! Ordering used books online just isn't the same. You need to look through stacks and dig for treasures.

    But what a boon for you! You got some great finds.

  2. A lucky haul indeed. But so sad that these book stores are going out of business. I fully agree with Tami that there is immense pleasure in discovering books from the stacks.

  3. What a haul of great books! I love Phoebe Atwood Taylor and Mary Roberts Rinehart. It's so sad that the used bookstores are closing. They're about the only kind I really like because I'm not a fan of most new books, except mysteries.

    1. Me too, Joan. Nothing like finding an old book much loved by someone else!

  4. I hadn't even heard of Phoebe Atwood Taylor! What a great haul though. There's nothing like browsing in a bookshop, that sense of anticipation - what treasures you might turn up - just can't be satisfied by looking at lists on the internet.

  5. You are always on the look out for books...aren't you?


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