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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Have You Tried Paperbackswap?

 This arrived today, my first book ordered from PaperBackSwap!

Description: Classic fare such as The Two Drovers by Sir Walter Scott blend well with modern mysteries like Iceman by Peter Turnbull in this anthology of 20 blood-curdling murder stories set in the Scottish landscape -- from the Highland glens to the streets of Edinburgh. Challenge your mind as you follow the investigations of Inspector Colin Trane, reporter Jemima Shore, and other great detectives of fiction devised by Robert Louis Stevenson, Antonia Fraser, James Hogg, and others. Other authors include Doug Allyn, Hugh B. Cave, Basil Copper, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Elizabeth Ferrars, Edward D. Hoch, P. M. Hubbard, Michael Innes, Christopher Johnston, Bill Knox, Ian Rankin, Rafael Sabatini, Catherine Sinclair, Guy N. Smith.

Another is on it's way to me...
Walk Into Yesterday
Author: Mildred Davis
"If you have total amnesia and people are trying to kill you because if you begin remembering you will Know Too Much - well, it isn't exactly a new situation, but it's a strong one, and Mildred Davis does a lovely job of developing it into WALK INTO YESTERDAY. Like so much of Davis's work, this is at once sensitive and perceptive as a novel, and beautifully tricky as a puzzle - the kind of book it would be a pleasure to reread, to see how skillfully and legitimately you were deceived." 

I loved the one book I read of hers and they are incredibly hard to find!

I ordered two more today. Elisabeth Ogilvie books! I am loving this swap program!

The second trilogy in the Bennett's Island series, The Lovers Trilogy continues the saga of Joanna Bennett Sorensen and her family. Like no other writer, Ogilvie brings to life the people and atmosphere of the island fishing communities along the rugged Maine coast. These are the memorable stories of three lonely women who come to Bennett's Island seeking happiness and self-discovery

And 'Too Young to Know' one of her young adult novels.
 'Scotland isn't quite what Mary Kate expected when she first heard she'd be spending the summer there with her father. Her new friends are so different-especially Robin. Mary Kate doesn't know whether to feel bewildered by him or tender toward him.'
Hoping Isa will like her too!

You need to know about PaperBackSwap, the biggest book-swapping site in America. You know how books can accumulate after you have read them. They pile up and gather dust, and you know you won't read them again. You can try to sell them to used-book stores, but you won't get very much for them, even if they are in perfect condition. PaperBackSwap is a better way!

All you have to do is create an account for FREE, list your books that you are ready to share, and send them out to other members when they are requested. Yes, you pay the postage to send your books out (between 2 and 3 dollars for an average-sized book), BUT you get a Book Credit for sending each book (each Book Credit is good for one book - you can order from any member in the club), AND when you request books for yourself, the senders pay the postage to send those books to you.

It costs nothing to participate, except for postage - there are no membership fees. You even get 2 startup Book Credits free if you are the first account at your household - you can use those credits to order 2 books for yourself, right away!

Give your books a better life - no more languishing on dusty bookshelves! Find new readers for them and get new books for yourself. Send a book, get a book. It's easy and it's free!

You can even print the postage right onto the address label, and mail the book from your outgoing mailbox or any blue mailbox.

If you do sign up, please use this link.  my nickname is peggyherself:
If you use the link above to join and you become an active member, I will get a free Book Credit for referring you to the club!

For more information about PaperBackSwap, you can visit their Help Center.

In the first week I had earned 7 credits! Now the hard part...figuring out which books to spend them on!

Let me know if you do check it out and what you think about it!

Peggy Ann


  1. I've been a PBSWAP members for over 5 years -- lots of good books swapped and received.

    1. Wish I had known, Diane I would have gone thru you!

  2. I've been curious about paperback swap. Are the books you receive in good condition? I hate reading soiled, musty, smoky books.

    1. Yes, JoAnn. They have to be in good condition there are guidelines and you can also put in your profile that you won't except books from smoking households.

  3. Sounds awesome...once I read the 1200 books on my Kindle...I am in! Lol...


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