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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What a Day in Hilton Head SC Might Look Like

These are the kinds of 'woods' I grew up playing in. We made forts from the palm fromes. Wonder we didn't get bit by snakes! I grew up in Florida

View from our balcony

Magnolia blossom

Bike and Walking Path. They are all over the place here.
Spanish Moss hanging from a Southern Oak. Click the link for the legend!

a Flamingo screen door!

Mileage marker!

A sunset Dinner Cruise. Hubby is the one straight ahead in the light blue shirt


Moon rising over the marshes


A statue in the Harbour Town shopping area

Harbour Town Lighthouse

Beach. This is a great for riding bikes on as the sand is very hard and compact. Lots of bike rental shops around.

You might come across one of these even in the grocery store parking lot! This one my hubby took on the golf course. The day before he had come across a bunch of baby gators swimming and no camera with him :( Momma chased him off though! Hazardous golf there!

This was our third trip down. It's a beautiful quiet place to vacation. No water parks, fun rides etc. There is miniature golf and playgrounds, lots of bike trails and parks for picnics. Great restaurants, you have to eat at Paulie's Coal Fired Pizza! Lots of different cruises to take. Shopping of course, golf, golf and more golf and the beach! Lots of thrift shops if you like roaming around them! But no used bookstores! Guess their too busy golfing to read much ;)


  1. Photos are lovely and it looks like the perfect vacation!

    1. Thanks, Patty. It is a laid back place to vacation.

  2. Looks like a great place to vacation. My niece and her family go there every other year. Loved the flamingo screen door! I'm glad you had a good time.

    1. I loved that door too, Joan! That house and yard in particular was so cozy and inviting. I told Dave I want that house!

  3. I enjoyed your photos Peggy. I love this look of Spanish Moss; its been a while since I've seen some.

    1. Diane, the moss and the southern oaks are my favorite thing about the south. Such a shame the beautiful moss is actually killing the tree.

  4. Loves so lovely! (Except for the gators!)

  5. Gorgeous photos, and what a lovely lighthouse. We made forts as kids too, but not from palm fronds! I wonder if kids still do that. And egrets - it's all so exotic.

  6. Very nice collection of Hilton Head's Pictures. After seeing this post I really wish to go to Hilton head to spend my vacations in this year.


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  7. What an amazing place to relax - and maybe sneak in a read. :)


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