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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mr. & Mrs. Finch

Last week in Hilton Head SC I spent a great deal of time watching a pair of finches build a nest on our deck. It was fascinating to watch so close. Yes I know, simple things amuse simple minds, but I was a golf widow all week and I'm not really a beach person.

Mr. Phineas Finch

Mrs. Finch

Same routine each time over and over all day. They flew in together and he would sit up beside her (you can almost see his beak to the left above) for just a few minutes and then he would fly down to the bannister and sit and sing while she worked on the nest. Then she would fly down and sit beside him for a minute and fly off with him right behind her. Every time I moved near the window they would fly away. It took forever to get these pics.

Friday morning momma was sitting on her eggs! Mr. wasn't anywhere around.

Here's a brief video of Mr. Finch's song. Sorry for the blurriness of him. Just close your eyes and listen :)


  1. Beautiful! Do you have any idea what kind of finch they are? I love his name.

  2. So sweet. I would have enjoyed watching them as well -- great shots.

  3. Hi Peggy,

    Great shots and a lovely story to go along with them.

    With things being all over the place weather-wise here in the UK, I have noticed a distinct lack of small graden birds this year, when we usually have masses inhabiting the trees and hedgerows in the lane behind our home.

    It is great to find someone else who isn't much of a beach person. I usually get some very strange looks when I say that to friends and family, but I really would prefer to do my relaxing curled up in a chair in a park or garden somewhere.


    1. It's been a little strange weather here to Yvonne. Cold, hot, cold, hot. My hubby loves the beach and can sit on it for hours on end. I'm like you give me a park or the woods and a lake and I'm happy. Board games, walks and reading thats a vacation for me!

  4. Lovely pictures of the birds. You must have a great camera.


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