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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wendy the Wonderdog

Great sadness has come to our house. Yesterday, April 30th, we unexpectedly lost our Wonderdog. She died suddenly of congestive heart failure. We didn't even know she had it. Never sick, never slowed down. She had been occasionally doing this funny little breathing thing almost like an asthma attack and then she would be fine. I had her to the Vet in January and he listened to her lungs and heart and said 'just old dog's lungs'. Of course she didn't do the breathing thing in his office.

Yesterday morning she didn't come bouncing and barking and jumping at my side of the bed at 5:30, she just came and sat there looking at me. Very unusual! Then she started doing the breathing thing, but not quite as drastic and didn't eat right away, although she stayed close to her bowl! It only lasted about 5 min. and then she was eating and seemed fine. That evening we were out in the yard walking around and she started doing the gasping type breathing and it quickly escalated and I called the vet and they said take her to the emergency animal hospital. Thank goodness it is about 1 mile from us! They put her in an oxygen cage with pure oxygen. Her tongue and gums were turning purplish. It didn't help at all. The vet did an x-ray and gave us the bad news. Her heart was enlarged, the chest cavity was full of fluid and so were her lungs. He said when they get to this point there is nothing he can do. Her tongue and gums were getting blue. So we asked him to hurry and put her to sleep. It was excruciating watching her gasping for breath like that. We loved up on her while they got the shot ready and I kept telling her I loved her and she is such a good girl and she was wagging her tail right up to the end!

I am lost without her. I helped old Blue deliver her 11 yrs ago. She was one of 7 gorgeous Lab puppies, all black, and what a joy it was to have them for 8 weeks! Poor little Wendy was the last one, I guess nobody wanted her. She was the smallest and had a crinkled nose. So we got to keep her. We never dreamed she would go before her old mom of 13! She was quit bossy and demanding. You knew what she wanted and where she wanted it, that's for sure. She was incredibly loving and would spontaneously come over and give you kisses. Her idea of a kiss was putting her nose in your eye! I gave her butterfly kisses on her nose when she was little and would say 'give me a kiss' when I did it, so If you told her to give you a kiss she would put her nose in your eye. We all wear glasses and she would just tuck her nose under them and push them up or off:) Especially to my oldest son, The Thinker. She had a crush on him like a 3rd grader! It was hilarious. When he got a dog of his own she was very jealous and gave him the cold shoulder after that!

She loved to grab my 'yard' shoes that sat by the back porch door and run with them to get me to chase her around the yard. One day she got it and I didn't follow her so she laid it down on the sidewalk and when I would start out to get it she would grab it. I just went back in the porch. She sat there a few minutes and then disappeared so I went out to pick up the shoe and she flew out from the corner of the house and grabbed it just as I reached for it and ran. She had set a trap for me and waited out of sight. She was way too smart for her britches!

Wendy was terribly afraid of flying bugs! She did get stung a couple of times in her face though and swelled all up so I guess she has reason. If a fly gets in the house she panics and comes gets me and won't leave my side until I kill it and show it to her then she is okay! She loved to eat, she loved to swim, she loved my side of the bed and had to have my pillow, she laid under the dining room table when we ate, she had to be in the kitchen if I was. She never went outside without waiting at the door for her mom. She did not like The Thinker's dog Sophie! She never went out the front door without being told okay. She stayed in the yard until told she could leave. She was the best.  

In tribute to a dog's life well lived I'm going to share some photos of our girl. She was one of a kind.

Newborn! Wendy has the green yarn on

Sleeping with Momma

Waiting patiently for dinner to be served! See how good they were even so little!

Oh oh did I say good?

Her crinkled nose smoothed out and she is beautiful!

Can we bring it home with us? Swimming in the creek across our street.

Loving on The Thinker. This is what she did every time as soon as he got in the door. Notice his glasses are in his hand not on his face. She would lay her head on his shoulder and moon up at him.

Never far from The Thinker. She always had to be on him

Pushing his glasses up so she can kiss him

Wendy and her Momma sitting at the kitchen sink. I won't know what to do with no dog to straddle while working in the kitchen! Blue doesn't lay here anymore. It was Wendy's spot.

Who threw that snowball? The creek across the street again.

Never slept ON her bed, under it or wrapped in it.

Ready for some catch!

And she reads!

The water ahh, pure joy

Mom and Wendy swimming

Me and my girls, the chocolate to the right is Harley Jo. She passed about 5 years ago

Oh yea I'm the Wonderdog!


  1. Oh, Peggy, I am so sorry...

    She sounded wonderful!

    1. Thanks patty. She was special even if only to us!

  2. So sorry for the passing of your dog.

  3. Peggy, I'm so sorry for your unexpected loss, and thanks for sharing Wendy's life story, she must have been a great companion for you all.

    1. Thanks Katrina, I told hubby no more animals because this part is just too hard, like you said. Can't go thru it again. We still have Blue to get thru.

  4. I am so sorry for your loss. Wendy sounds like a real love, I enjoyed hearing about her antics. We lost our Chip a few weeks ago.

    1. Thanks Carol. So sorry about Chip too. They sure do become a part of us!

  5. So very sorry to hear about losing Wendy. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pictures. We have lost two dogs (15 years ago and 30 years ago) and I still remember how we missed them. Our cat is 15 years plus and getting very creaky.

  6. I've read your posts on Katrina's blog, but you now have a new friend. Katrina told me you had just lost your dog. I think she was thinking about me because last year we lost a much loved, very special cat to heart disease. We knew he was sick and kept him comfortable as long as the medicine worked. We lost his sister to the same disease the year before. And we've just found out that another of his sisters has the disease, too. I guess this is why you shouldn't adopt entire litters. We have their mother and another sister and a friend has their two remaining brothers.

    My heart goes out to you. I think all of us with pets share your grief. I'v said the same thing you said, 'no more pets, I can't stand this part of it', but, somehow, we always end up with more. You have wonderful pictures of Wendy and you've written a beautiful memoir of her life. Thanks for sharing her with us.

    1. Thank you so much Joan. I read your comments all the time over at Katrina's too. I'm so glad to have you as a friend here at the post! So sorry to hear about your cats. So many losses to go thru. It is so hard. We still have Stella Blue to go thru. She is almost 14, very old for a Lab. I think this will be the year of losses for us. I have never not had a dog, my friends all say they can't even visualize me without one, but I just don't think I want more right now. Maybe in the future, but we travel and that makes it hard for me too. After having a large breed dog I'm not so sure I would want to go back to a small breed again even though they would be easier.

      See you later!


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