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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Small Death In The Great Glen

This mystery has it all! Great characters that you can really like (and dislike!), a top notch who dunnit, several underlying themes and a shocking ending! Set just after the war in a rural Scottish Village full of dark family secrets and mistrust for 'outsiders'. There is Joanne the young mother of 2 girls, her marriage isn't all it is cracked up to be and she suffers in silence because thats the code back then. She takes a job in the local paper at a time when women in the work force were frowned upon. You'll find yourself truly liking Joanne and rooting for her! Then there is McAllister the new editor, a seasoned journalist who wants to bring the small town rag up to date with relevant news and stories in a town that doesn't want change. Rob the inexperienced cub reporter eager to get the job down and Don, the cynical reporter that has been with the paper forever and gives McAllister a hard time. It was fun watching this ragtag group come together and really bond and get to the bottom of the horrible murder of a small child. 
In addition to women in the work force we have racism in the deep mistrust and suspicion against the Polish sailor just trying to start over after the war and the Italian family that runs the local restaurant and then there is the political corruption going and the search for a pedophile that takes McAllister back to memories he would rather forget. A full, meaty story with something for everyone! A must read! Great bookclub selection. Enjoy and let me know how you like it!

Coming in September, the second in the series!

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